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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dogs needing new homes - a plea

Eighteen months ago, while living in the campo, we adopted two rescue dogs.
They have grown to medium size, Podenco cross, bumptious and boisterous – lovely, affectionate animals and we love them very much (despite not calling them our ‘boys’!).
However, we had to move to an apartment in town a year ago, and despite trying to cope with the change, we feel that we are failing them and they are no longer living the life they deserve.
 Other factors have also come into play recently affecting my ability to exercise them. 
We have already tried twice to rehome them, through two local animal rescue societies, but have had no luck.
Please, please, can some kind person in Digameland offer them a good home where they can enjoy the exercise they need?
 If necessary, they could go to separate homes, although they play together all the time.
Alternatively, can someone give me the contact details for the pound nearest to Torrox?
Many thanks

Childminding in Competa?

Are there any childminders in Cómpeta?
 I thought I saw an ad recently but can't locate it.
I'm not looking for a full time minder I may need (if I get the Job) help in getting my child to school in Cómpeta Monday to Friday and occasionally picking up and minding of the afternoon.
This would be perfect for someone seeking a supplementary income and would of course be dependent on my child being happy with all of this.
We're both bi-lingual so English or Spanish is fine.
¿Hay niñeras en Cómpeta? Me pareció ver un anuncio recientemente, pero no puedo localizarlo. No estoy buscando un cuidador a tiempo completo. Es posible que necesite (si me da el trabajo) ayuda para llevar mi hijo a la escuela en Cómpeta lunes a viernes, y de vez en cuando recogiendo y cuidando de la tarde. Esto sería perfecto para alguien que busca un ingreso adicional y que, por supuesto, dependerá de mi hijo ser feliz con todo esto. Los dos somos bilingües así Inglés o español está muy bien.
Please reply to

"Gas Company Employees" Warning

Refuse t hem access to your Home! Advice from Nerja Town Hall, Foreigners' Dept.
    Once again we have different gas companies knocking on everyone’s door to make the gas revision. We have received complaints informing us that they intend by all means to convince you to let them into your house saying that they have to make the gas revision and if not, they will cut the gas. Also, they can charge extremely high prices. Say no and do not let them into your house.
If they insist and are abusive, phone the Police.These are the main points you have to know:
1)    A gas revision is compulsory every 5 years. The installation has to be inspected for your own safety to avoid gas accidents. Many houses may not have a proper gas installation and this can be dangerous. Only your official gas bottle supplier can tell you the date when your gas revision is due, according to your gas supply contract. Contact Repsol (orange bottles), tel. for Nerja and the Axarquía area 952 40 6904, or Cepsa (silver bottles), tel. for Nerja and Frigiliana area 952 52 1593.                                    
2)    Only a qualified gas technician Instalador de Gas, can make the gas revision. A plumber or anyone else should not do it unless they are qualified as an authorized Instalador de Gas. It is you who has to choose any technician or company that you wish to make the gas revision with. Phone them previously to arrange an appointment for them to come to your house. The technician has to show you his personal identity card Documento de Identidad, which must coincide with the name and details shown on the certificate you will be given if the gas installation is in order.
3)    A normal gas revision costs 40 € to 60 €. It includes the changing of the rubber tubes, checking if your installation is safe and giving you the certificate stating at the top
“Certificado de Revision Periodica”. Any other certificate may not be valid for insurances in case of a gas accident. If your installation is not safe and needs to be modified, the gas technician will give you a report called Informe de Anomalias, specifying the works to be carried out. Ask the price and set out a date to do the necessary modifications.
    The gas revision is to be done by the owner of the property or by a long term tenant if so agreed with the owner, never by a holidaymaker.
    Obtain information before making the gas revision, calmly and without rushing, never on the same moment that they knock on the door. This will help you to avoid bad experiences. For further information, phone the Industrial Delegation of Malaga at tel.
902 113 000.

Spanish Lessons

Eduardo Katz would like to send a warm 'thank you' to all his loyal students who sent 'get well soon' messages and especially to all the people who helped keep his spirits up while he was unwell.
So this is to let you know that Eduardo is 'back in action' and has resumed teaching Spanish, as usual, outside 'The Dubliner Pub' in Tutti Frutti Square.
You are welcome to drop by and join in, for Eduardo's easi-peasi laid-back and casual, warm and social manner of learning to speak Spanish.
Eddie caters for all levels of students, from beginners on-wards and up-wards and is in situ at 'The Dubliner' on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am and 4pm.
Classes last one and a half hours and cost €5.
Ed also takes students on a one-to-one by appointment for €10.
All are welcome and should you wish any further info, please call Eduardo on his mobile on 664120290.

Missing Postman.....

Is anyone having the same problem as me. Postman from Benamargosa seems to have gone on holiday.
I am waiting for a package which I know is at the correos office.
Have been told all post has been held at Almechar correos, but I have no idea as to the opening hours there. Can anyone help me?

Dr. Laptop

I have not had the need to use his advice - YET! but I must say that the free information he provides on Digame is incredible.   
This is his business and still he finds time to inform and advise.
If I ever need you Dr. Laptop I will be certain to do it with remuneration.     
You are a saint! computer keeps doing this...............ha ha ha
A Fan!

Language Lessons

Dear Digamites,
If anyone is interested in some well priced Spanish lessons from a qualified, and experienced, teacher, please give me a call on 697624756, or email to 
Age and level don’t matter a bit; I have taught all sorts! 
I have very flexible hours and could meet you anywhere in the Cómpeta area. 
I am also available to give English lessons, help prepare for Cambridge Exams, etc. 
Again, my no. is 697624756 and my email is 
Thank you, Holly.

Plasterer Needed

I am looking for a good plasterer, someone you have used who is good reliable and not too expensive. 
It is for a 2 bedroom apartment  in Nerja.
The walls are the old  artexing so it either needs removing or plastering over the top.
Call Amanda 680739577 or email

A touch of common sense....Opinion on Opinions

This will be my last post in digame, after the poor guy who posted  humourous tongue in cheek comments about the constant animal posts got bad press as always from the animal mafia.
Its the only way i can make a stand.
We all know that animal welfare is important but i have to admit this complete and utter refusal to accept the opinions of others, or to allow anybody to make any comment that does not fit your agenda is becoming tiresome.
I think digame is a great tool and although Jane and i don't  always see eye to eye , she does a damn good job, and i make a point of recommending digame to all my customers, it does what it says on the tin.
There are many on here who have no idea about the etiquette of social media, which is if you don't like a post or comment then scroll on by, i admin a number of ex military sites and the rules are do not say in a comment what you would not say to a persons face, we call them keyboard warriors, i felt really bad for the guy that got all the abuse, and i know it happens regularly, because its happened to me, i actually got a personal email making threats to me, a lesser man may not have ignored it.
If your life is consumed by helping kittens and puppies, then you crack on but please do not force your belief on others, and do not abuse a guy for having a sense of humour.
Obviously this is a rhetorical statement

Bouquet for SatTV

I would like to say a big thanks to Nicola and Carlos the engineer from sattv for their fast, efficient and friendly service.
 I am impressed with the speed of installation , just 2 days from enquiry to up and running.
Above all NO more freezing and out of sync UK TV.
Prices are very reasonable too.

Clinica Rincon Experience

Some three years ago I was sent as a matter of urgency to Clinica Rincon because of a severe tooth abscess.
Not sure why I was sent there, because the Hospital Comarcal in Torre del Mar would have been closer by.
Arrived in the middle of the night in Rincon, and there was no English speaking staff, but the timing may explain it.
However, I noticed an odd thing. The doctor who sent me there told me it was essential that I be drip-fed a mixture of antibiotics and pain-killers for a few hours.
As I got bored through that sleepless night I checked all the labels on the phials and found out I hadn't received what had been prescribed

Relaxing massage, facial massage and Reiki

Relaxing massage: A little me time for yourself, receive a pleasant massage in a warm environment with some soft music. Back, arms or legs. The time will be always for a minimum of 40 minutes.
Price: 25€.
Kobido: Facial massage with natural lifting effects: This treatment starts with a facial cleaning, then a facial massage with a combination of essential oils working on the deep tissues and lymph, leaving you feeling and looking good and with a visible wrinkles decrease.
Price: 30€.
All the materials used in the body treatments are home made by a naturopath, herbs and Bach flowers expert of the town of Cartama.
Reiki Session: Reiki is a natural system of energy harmonization; the Universal energy is channeled and received through the reiki´s hands therapist. The session is performed with the receiver fully dressed and even covered with sheets or blanquettes if necessary to achieve a complete sensation of comfort. The energy will help your body and mind to harmonize and even help in healing process. Highly recommended for: Insomnia, migraine, depression, fatigue, continued pain, broken bones, twists, menstruation disorders, chronics sickness, to smooth the sides effects of chemo and radio cancer treatments, to increase your energy levels and relax you in all spheres.
Reiki is not an alternative to modern medicine, but a complement to help you to restore
the perfect functioning of your entire being. I am a Reiki master within 3 master degrees (Usui, Usui Tibetan, Karuna-Prakriti) 9 years experience and member of the Spanish Reiki Federation Number: 3316.
Reiki is not mine, I am just a channel and I am totally dedicated to help and serve using Reiki. Is for these reasons that I charge only 10€ for each treatment, no matter how long it takes with a minimum of 40 minutes.
I also perform all the Reiki´s initiations and training in the three systems or lineages that I practise.

What´s on Pavo Real Whats on at Halloween

Andy Time

Friday 31st October

What´s on at Restaurant Shalimar

Now I have new menu for 10 € Shalimar Indian Restaurant Now menu just 10 euro
1 papadom with mint sauce, any starter and any curry rice / nan/ garlic nan
good service and good food
 all days tapas available 12:00 a 5:30
plzzzz try just 1€ and 50cents any drink with tapa just one euro
look in menu Restaurant Shalimar In google

What´s on - Halloween Diving

Hello Divers!
Black frog Divers would like to welcome all the Andalucian's divers for our
Halloween Dive friday the 31st of October.
Meeting at Marina del Este beach at 4pm
We are planning to carve the pumpkins all together and than go diving.
We would like to take the pumpkins with us underwater and make some
funny Halloween underwater pictures.
What do you think about it?
You will have to bring:
-diving equipment
-beers (to drink all together on the beach after the dive!)
If you need tank or equipment you can rent in our shop in Torrox Costa!
If you would like to dive with us, call:Marcin
0034 629900784
or send us an e mail to:

For Rent

Bedroom for Rent in Frigiliana, €125/month
Bedroom in 2BR furnished, shared flat available now.
Conveniently located near the Post Office in lower Frigiliana.
Share with middle aged man and my Greyhound mix dog.
Ground floor with entrance on street, shared kitchen and bathroom.
Has clothes washer and TV(Spanish terrestrial).
Easy on street parking.
We split the utility bills and I require a security €100 deposit.
Smokers welcome but no more animals.
Contact email:

Wanted a strimmer

Wanted a strimmer complete with cable to trim my small lawn.
I live in Nerja and can collect.
Please reply through The Editor, Digame.
Many Thanks

Wanted - suitcase & boxes

Does anyone have any old suitcases they are thinking about getting rid of?
I need some for transporting tools etc and I thought they would be stronger than boxes.
I also need packing boxes if someone can point me in the right direction.
(Torrox Area)

Wanted transport of goods from the Netherlands

Wanted transport of goods from the Netherlands ( Eindhoven) to Competa at earliest possible time          
( flexible) about 3pm..
Patricia 657 149 248

Wanted Patio door

Wanted: for building project, patio type glazed door with sliding or conventional type doors
at least 190cm high and at least 200cm wide,
also would consider large glazed door,
can collect, ring : 680180468

For sale, Nokia C2-05 mobile phone

Nokia C2-05 mobile phone
 never used, 20€


For Sale Dog Flight Carrier Box / Transport Cage

Skudo Transport Cage
 Size 6 (70x63x92 cm)
IATA approved
 almost new
€ 75.- (Original price: € 99,90)
CW-Herrmann atwebdotde or 654 745 114

For Sale - Various

1. Classical guitar
model Alhambra 5P with travel case, stand

135.00 euros (well over 250.00 euros new)

2. Original oil painting on board of rice pickers
Good frame..
84 x 68    30.00euros

3. Original oil painting on board vase of flowers
86 x 65   

contact Lesley 648820914
email arenaslesleyatgmaildotcom

For Sale Motorbike Clothes


 Motorjacket Motoline brand quality,
size M,  .
- Motorpants, brand MQP, size M,
    Jacket and pants are waterproof and breathable, with protection, removable insulation
and night reflection.

 Leatherjeans, heavy quality, MQP, size 46H,

Each for 60 euros.
 All for 150 euros.
All items in good condition. or 951066052 or 634313585

For Sale - Various

Gas oven 43 wide,
70 high and 16 deep with gas bottle
12,5 kg
 together   60 €

New electric fireplace
1000 W and 2000 W,
60 wide, 76 high and 34 deep -
new price 205 €,
 sell for 180 €

Electric radiator blue 60 wide, 65 high and 16 deep for  10 €

Electric radiator beige 74 wide, 66 high and 16 deep for 10 €

Original packed mattress 80 x 200 for  50 €
Two original packed bed slats 80 x 200 together for 70 €
Iron Gate 364 wide and 230 higt for  200 €
TP-Link-Router for Internet for 10 €

Mobil number: 654251784  Detlef and Sabine, Torrox

For Sale - classic motorcycle project.(s)

Are you an ex, or current biker, with some work space- getting nagged to clean the pool! sweep the drive! etc.etc. -then this is for you.
I have 2 XT500S one 1976 and one 1975, the 76 is 70% completed including a full engine rebuild,respray--needs wiring--the 75 has been used for some spares but was a runner.
Think of those happy wife and kid free hours you could spend fiddling in your workspace-  beer fridge, stereo blasting, greasy hands so you cant help with hanging the washing out, or the washing up----happy days!!
Tel 636857697-paul
Come and have a look-  los romanes area ( nr vinuela)--give yourself an excuse to do man stuff and make money.
love my wife incidentally- but she is not a digamite--ha ha.

For Sale Digital professional electric meat mincer and sausage maker.

Brand new never been used only taken out of the box forphotographing
unwanted gift
,cost over £100 looking for 80 euros
we live in the campo above arenas but could meet anywhere
within reason.
contact robinhardsatgmaildotcom or call 652176175

For Sale Electric Hedge Cutter.

Blade 70 cm
Works perfectly
Price: 55 Euro
Torrox Campo
951 067 776

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Digame Free Saturday Morning

Don't forget - there will be no Digame tomorrow morning (Saturday)
Normal service resumes for Sunday
Take care

Clinica Rincon - Responses

We had used Clinica Rincón in Nerja since arriving in Spain until we were able to join the Spanish Health Service recently.
We had always been happy with the service we received.
A number of doctors that we saw spoke English and, if it was a problem, then there was always a nurse or reception staff member who could translate.
The advantage of the clinic is that you can just walk in and see a doctor however if you need to see a dentist then you do need to make an appointment in advance.
We had medical insurance but I did visit once without cover and the charges for consultation and blood tests were very reasonable.
This was the only clinic we tried so I cannot make a comparison but I am sure other Digamites will make comments.
I went to Clinica Rincon after a fall from my motorbike and was diagnosed with a broken ankle, which was duly plastered etc. I went to the government clinic in Malaga (as I was working at the time and there was a requirement for me to be seen by them.
They took off the plaster and it was a bad sprain, not a break.
Having said that, when I (again) fell from a bike and had a definite broken hand, they dealt with it well.
I have been suspicious a couple of times with Clinica Rincon and no longer use them.
Clinicas Rincon
Located In Nerja, Torre de Mar, Rincon de la Victoria, Malaga  are the homes of some of the best Doctors, Hospitals, Specialist, and Equipment for Scans, MRI and many many other High Tech attention that may be needed in any walk of life, you name it they cover it,  99% of Doctors, Specialists and Staff speak English, they accept most if not all insurance companies.
We have been with them for 18 years and cannot speak more highly of their professionalism and attention, one would be very hard pushed to find a better medical organisation.
Look them up on the net see what they offer they cover the whole spectrum of the medical world

Identify a tree .- Responses

You seem to be the lucky owners of a guava tree, enjoy it!
Hi Andrew,
I used to have this tree, at least for the last 8 years in La Herradura. 
Every year I collected the fruits
It is called Guava or Guayaba. 
I prepare great "Batidos", put it in a blender+water or milk+ice .
It is very popular in Brasil.
There is also" white Guava," prepare slices or pieces in a dish and cover artistically with honey., it is a custom in Spain.
Be careful with worms," or mosca de la fruta".
That tree is a guayabo. I do not know what it is in English
Andrew's tree is a guava.

TAIL - Quiz Night a Success

Thank you to all the people who came to support us on Monday night at our Quiz night and to Hayley and Bob at Lew's and our wonderful Quiz master Tony.
We raised 230 euros.
Our next Quiz night will be at Lew's on Momday1st December.

Translator for Hospitals etc. Recommendations

I cannot recommend Patricia highly enough. 
She has been helping me for some time now with an ongoing problem at the town hall. 
She is friendly, efficient, sympathetic and really fights my corner. 
Her charges are extremely reasonable.
Her husband Richard is English.
 Here  are the contact details 
Notary or Town Hall. Doctors Visits. Police. NIE numbers and Taxes.
A simple phone call / letter translation. Any problem can be solved.
Patricia & Richard
666.08.95.58 / 607.33.11.75
Urb. Laguna Beach 14
Torrox Costa
Re the query about this, there is a free service on duty and they have a desk just beyond the main reception area.
As I have recent experience as an inpatient and outpatient over the past two months I have found them very
Peter - Nerja
Interpreter Needed.......there are interpreters available at the hospital daily until 2.00 p.m. 
Otherwise phone Pamela on 609040709.  Mary.
As far as I know there are excellent volunteer interpreters at this hospital... or have they been axed? 
You used to go up to their desk and ask for help, or I believe you can pre-book them. 
They are used to the medical terms and they know all the doctors.
 Sometimes your consultant will book them for you in advance.
I'd like to know if this wonderful system is still up and running, just in case.
Answers please to Digame
digametorrox @

Punta Lara information

Hello all,
Most of you who either live Nerja, Torrox, and Punta Lara, the road between Torrox Costa and Nerja has had new Tarmac , the speed limit signs have been covered over with orange plastic bags.
This happened at the begin of October, and the White line in the middle, and the cycle lines still have not been put down, nor the zebra crossing from the Bus stop or Perla Marines hotel.
Please be aware that it's still 50  along this stretch , police are giving out hefty fines, and I have seen lots of people cross over the main white line from the petrol station, campo road near Nerja, if the police see you will get a fine, so please be warned., tell your friends, holiday tourist with half term coming up,
thank you
Karen Torrox Costa  

Traditional Home made Xmas Cakes made to order.

Traditional Home made Xmas Cakes made to order.
Full of fruit and Brandy.
35 euros. Place your order now.
Telephone 639054391 or
call in at Johnny Q's Irish Bar and talk to Linda

Cleaning & Painting Services

Is your home in need of a clean or paint before Christmas.
Torrox Services will be your cheapest and best option.
We also have available long and short term lettings situated at Penoncillo,Laguna beach and Frigliana Road.
Call to discuss any property requirements you have and our dedicated team will be happy to help
In the first instance call John on 0034 692887002 or e-mail vpeurope2000@yahoodotcodotuk

What´s on - Torrox Football

Both Torrox senior and the juvenil (16 - 18 years) play on Sunday 26th Oct at 1630 and 1845 respectively. Support your local teams!
FollowCD Torrox on facebook for more info.

What´s on Cerezo Bar, Canillas de Albaida

Friday 24th, MPG and Tina's Birthday bash. Everyone is welcome to Tina's party night.
Come along and join in the fun on what will be a great party.
Music starts at 8.30.
To book a table call 952553018.

What´s on Museo Del Vino. Saturday 25th. MPG live.

Sample the new Menu at this wonderful venue and hear the great sound of MPG playing their mix of Rock, Country, Folk and Pop.
 call 952553314 to book your table.
Promises to be a great party night!!

What´s on - Boot Sale Torrox Costa

Join us in the parking place of Viveros Atencia beside new LIDL supermarket Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.
Second-hand, Vintage, electronic items as well as handicraft, antique porcelain and jewellery.
We moved to the parking place beside LIDL with more space and more sellers!!!!

Are you interested in a stall on our Saturdays BOOT SALE / RASTRILLO / FLOHMARKT
in TORROX COSTA? For further information send a message to
(English, Español, Deutsch).

What's on this weekend at el Varadero on Playazo beach Nerja

Come and enjoy the sunny terrace while we still have the summer sun here!
We have the popular Paul Lockey playing with guests and anyone who would like to join him from Saturday 3-6pm!
 And Sunday 3-6pm! Lee Townsend with his amazing voice and talent! not to be missed.
A great afternoon

What´s on Punta Lara Bar, Nerja

Friday 31st of October - 8pm
Halloween Quiz & Raffle with Christine Kavanagh
All money raised to be donated to CAS
Fancy dress optional
Booking essential ring Mark on 635 369 673

What’s on in Restaurant El Pino, Torrox Park

Restaurant El Pino in Torrox Park is offering some wonderful entertainment again these winter months.
Monday: Karaoke.
From 8pm till 11pm Shane Townsend is your host with all your favourite songs to sing or murder!
Tuesday: Quiz Night.
With the one and only, Tony Buses, you will enjoy an evening of fun and excitement. Entry fee is €2 per person and a light bite will be served during the break. Education can be fun!
The quiz night starts at 9pm.
Wednesday: Jam Session.
Dance, sing or play the night away with Paul Lockey. All musicians (and everybody else...) are welcome from 8.30pm to join our jam session.
Thursday: Pool league.
Our 2014/2015 pool league season has started again.
Friday: Chip Shop Night.
Friday Night is Chip Shop Night at El Pino. Claim your  free bottle of wine when ordering two  meals of Norwegian cod in homemade batter with triple cooked chips.
With ‘open mic’ live music from 8pm with Denis Green.
Sunday: Spit Roast Carvery.
From 1pm our carvery buffet offers you a choice of 6 main meals for only €7.95 each.
Each week we offer you 3 different choices to begin your meal and a variety of tempting desserts.
Why not join our Sunday Club? It’s free to become a member and gives you special entitlements.
Reservations are strongly recommended.
Special events:
Wednesday, 29th October: Arts and Crafts Market from 9am till 1pm. Come and buy some early Christmas gifts.
Friday, 31st October: Halloween Disco Party with spooky buffet, raffle, prize for best fancy dress and much more. Tickets are only €3, not scary!
Saturday, 8th November: Christmas Fayre from 11am till 3pm with artisan stalls, handmade gifts and cards, ladieswear, ladies and gents watches, local artists prints and lots more. Charity raffle in aid of CUDECA.
Saturday 15th November: The Auction in aid of the Reps Club Charity Fund. Viewing from 12 noon, sale starts at 2pm. Come in and pick up a bargain or sell your unwanted goods!
For more information or bookings please call 952 968 106 or pop in to our restaurant and ask our staff.
We look forward to seeing you.

What´s on - CAMPO Christmas Disco Saturday December 13th

Seeing such a great recommendation for Deejay Worzel in Digame on Wednesday we thought we would mention the next CAMPO event being held at The Hotel Balcon, Competa featuring the brilliant poco loco Deejay Worzel.
Taking us all back to the 70's and 80's with fantastic music and entertainment it will be a great night. 
Come dressed for one of the eras if you want, we will be awarding prizes for the best dressed female, male and youngster.
A main course applicable to those times will be included in the ticket price, i.e. Chicken and Chips, Scampi and Chips, Pie and Chips and a vegetarian choice.
A Tombola run by Mrs Santa Claus (Liz Bland) ably assisted by her elf will be in Mrs Santa's Grotto - if you have some suitable Tombola prizes Liz would love to hear from you - contact her at email
John Dunsford is very kindly donating his services taking photos for you to buy for a donation. 
Tickets will be on sale from 1st November from Todo Papel, Action for Animals and Hotel Balcon all in Competa.
 Price just 10 euros. 
Both Action for Animals, Competa and AECC Malaga (Cancer Research) will benefit from the evening.


Lovely 2 bedroom apartment in Torrox Park (new side) available for long term rent from November.
Fully furnished and with a large south facing terrace with sea view.
Only a 15 min walk to the Coast or 5 min drive. Plenty of parking around.
There is also a communal swimming pool.
It is in a very peaceful, quiet area with the mountains to the back and sea to the front.
The going rate is 400 EUR per month but for a rental of 6 months and over it is available for just 375 EUR per month plus bills.
We have loads of photos of views, rooms and the area, so if you are looking for a lovely peaceful place to stay in a great location, get in touch.
Contact: torroxpark @ socially (dot) 33mail (dot) com

For Rent

Would you like to rent a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, front-line beach apartment in Torrox Costa from 18th December until 8th January 2015 ?
The apartment has UK TV, internet connection, fully fitted kitchen,washing machine, dishwasher and is fully furnished to a high standard.
I am going to the UK for Christmas and would like to rent out the apartment to cover holiday expenses and also to enable my 2 beautiful cats to stay at home whilst I´m away
If anyone is interested in renting a lovely holiday home for a couple of weeks and feed the cats at the same time please contact me for more details
Telephone Mary 952 967697
Underground Parking Space and Store Room for Rent
Secure underground parking space and use of store room available
Torrox Costa
Telephone Mary 952 967697

House Exchange

Looking for Property Exchange Close to Torrox ( must have pool.) Exchange 3 bedroom villa with pool Torrox Competa rd or Uk property ( in a North West of England ) lots of possibilities with cash adjustment .No agents,thank you.
Please contact

Wanted Padel Rackets

Does anybody have two Padel rackets for sale?
You can contact me, Frank.
630 393 290


King/Queen/Single Cotton Flat Sheets. Pillows Throws Bed Covers in all Sizes.
White Towels bath and hand Towels.
Microwave Iron and Ironing Board. 608 662 717.

For Sale Various

Sofa 2 seater 90 x 210 cm,
15 €.  

Sofa 2 seater, 90 x 155 cm,
30 €

Bed with electric thing to put the head up, with mattress.
The bed 210 cm, the mattres 200 cm. 150 €.

Bed, 90 x 200 cm, 50 €.

Sofa in Green, 215 x 85 x85 cm, 100 €,
Chair in Green, 115 x 85 x 85 cm, 50 €, 140 € for both.
Tel 630 83 73 94

For Sale Big collection of model cars and lorries

I am having a clear out of my old model cars as I no longer have the space to keep them .
There are various scales from Matchbox , Dinky and Corgi
with some dating back to the early 70s .

There are literally hundreds of models and it is impossible to list them all .
 Please contact Paul for details on 628199153 .
Can deliver in the Malaga province .
Bargain at 150€ for all of them .

For Sale - Actually, Trying to Trace Ebglish Car Buyer

A few weeks ago I saw an advert for purchasing English cars in this area,
please contact us, as we have a good car to sell.
mikemariab at icloud dot com

For Sale Genuine Kindle leather cover.

Genuine Kindle leather cover.  Brand new, still in original packaging.
Unwanted gift.
Fits Kindle 4 only, does not fit Kindle White or Kindle Touch.
Price  15€ (selling in Worten for 35€)
Also, second hand genuine Kindle leather cover for Kindle Keyboard
Phone Linda in Torre del Mar 647420188

For Sale Light Beech TV bench

For Sale   Light Beech TV bench on castors,
150 long, 50deep and 40 high.
Sedella village,
Tel. 660 232 613 mob
951088472 land line  

For Sale Computer Desk

Computer Desk   
Tel 951067703  or

For Sale - BMW Mini ride on car

BMW Mini ride on car suitable for child age range approx 1-5 years.
Not available in any toy shop, sold exclusively through BMW Mini dealerships,
Quiet, rubber 17" wheels that don't damage even wooden floors.
One careful lady owner.
Current price new 88€.
Asking 45€
Phone Linda in Torre del Mar 647420188

For Sale Jacket

It was a gift and I haven't used it too much.
In perfect conditions. Size: 42
I ask for it 30€ (Negotiable Price)

For Sale Peugot 306 1.6 Graffic

Petrol, 5 door Blue.
Brand new front tyres and Brand new exhaust
Brand new ITV - October 2015
Automatic windows & Central locking -
Stero - Air Con. Low milage 103,800 klm for year.
Great little car and cheap to insure excepted some dents
For This age car. runs like a dream. 1850.00
Based in Torrevieja - tel 604156886

For Sale Jigsaw & Exercise Bike

Jigsaw at 30 euro
Exercise bike 30 euro
Both in Canillas de Albaida

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Advance Notice - NO Digame this Saturday morning.......

There will be NO Digame in your EMail Box on Saturday morning -
big re-organisation of computers etc.etc.  on Friday means I shall not be able to input any items.
So -  if there is anything urgent - please ensure I have the information before 3pm Today (Thursday)

Health Spa in Nerja Needed Please

Does anyone know of a Health Spa in or around the Nerja area?
I know there is a gym but I am looking for a Health Spa, pool, jacuzzi, sauna etc.,
my contact details are
eveinspain2000 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Teacher of Ethics & History Needed Please

We need private tuition for the Spanish 4th year syllabus in these two subjects.
A Spanish teacher with enough English to translate to the student's parents would be useful!
I can read Spanish but not understand rapid Andalusian Spanish, and the school staff don't seem helpful. Ideally home tuition in Torrox Pueblo or somewhere accessible to be agreed.
Replies to mail at mdobson dot net.

Clinica Rincon - Opinions Please

I would be interested in hearing of anyone's experiences of using Clinica Rincon - if diagnosis was correct, did practitioners speak English, was the service value for money, would they go back etc. 
How does Clinica Rincon compare with other clinics in the Nera/Torre area.
Many thanks
- digametorrox @

APARIV Dog Rescue - Shop Volunteers wanted

We are looking for volunteers to help out in our shop in Torre del Mar. 
We are on the main street of the Thursday market, Calle Duque de Ahumada,
and are open 10am - 2pm, Monday to Saturday. 
Some knowledge of Spanish helpful, but not essential. 
You will need a good sense of humour, the ability to relate to customers of various nationalities and to be flexible and versatile! 
If you think that you would fit in with our small team of helpers, please
tel. Julie on 670807997 or Anne on 693231007 or call in at the shop.

Identify a Tree Please.....

We have a tree which for the first time has produced fruit

Does anyone have any ideas what it might be?

 It has a very sweet smell.
Regards Andrew

Replies to
digametorrox @

Opinions on Opinion : Nomenclature in Digame

I felt the need to reply to John Gosling following his unfathomable rant over people who refer to cats and dogs as 'boys' or 'girls'.
Firstly John, as a 'parent' of dogs, one male and one female - these animals are part of our family and we love them very much. It is not unreasonable to refer to them as our 'boy' and our 'girl'. 
We know they are not children we are not unintelligent just a little sentimental.
Secondly John, as a parent of actual children I can assure you that, God forbid, one of my children was missing, I would not be posting on Digame!
Whilst I do think Digame is a fantastic service, it is not the first place I would think of if I were suffering the nightmare of losing a child.  (No offence Jane)
My parting shot to you is.... get a bl---y grip!
Sam Benson
Dog. Scientific name:- Canis Lupus Familiaris
Genders:- Male, Female - Dog, Bitch - Boy, Girl.
What a shame Mr Gosling that you have nothing more to think about than attempting to change what owners call their pets.
You really should get a life and not be quite so pompous.
Seve, a really good boy
Re John Gosling's opinion on people anthropomorphizing their cats and dogs.
Here-here Mr Gosling!
(I even know people who send their dogs Xmas cards signed: "from MUMMY" )
Very sad.
John B
John Gosling. Please get a life. If your statement is all you have to worry about you  must have a very boring life.
I have 2 dogs. One is my boy and the other my girl.
They are not human but behave far better than many humans.
I have 2 grandchildren also. One is my boy and the other my girl.
Believe me, I do not get the 4 of them mixed up!!!
I can only imagine how shocked John must be when he is caught off guard reading Digame.
 I have this mental picture of John spitting out his cornflakes, when reading that some poor soul can't find her Pussy or that our Bobby has out grown our family, so would some kind person like him free of charge!
I'm really not sure what the problem is John.
I'm a keen horse racing fan & over the years I'm pretty sure I've heard it said on Channel 4 " she is very frisky today,
 I'm not sure she is liking Frankie on top of her" or "she is sweating up going in".
Many a time I've dropped my Sporting Life in complete horror, wondering what on earth I was watching(joking).
Maybe Digame is structured in such a way to stop the kind of confusion that John has?
First few posts, lost/found/re home pets, the next posts, general info & moaning about calling your pets he/she, then whats on & finally, wanted & for sale.
I have two dogs(or should I say bitches) & as far as im concerned, they are my girls.
But then again, I do live in Torrox!
The post by John re male/female animals being referred to as boys or girls certainly did not fall on deaf ears - not in my direction anyway.
I opened up Digame with my morning cuppa and there it was Breaking News............Lost Boy!
Thoughts of child abduction promptly entered my mind until I read on and I found it totally pathetic.
Well done Sir for airing your views.
I know you've written this to incite people and normally I wouldn't respond to such drivel but I'm having a very bad day.   Our little 18 month old female cat died in the early hours of today and however you or the dictionary defines the word 'girl'.
Roxy is and always will be our beautiful little girl.
Oxford English Dictionary meaning of he/she.....
I have never bothered to reply via Digame regards these sad people who seem to spend their time griping about anything they can think of on Digame.
To be honest why do they read the posts anyway if they find it not to their taste? 
Anyway, just to get the record straight regards the meaning of he/she here is the link from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Editor writes - 
and number 8 ends the delightful exchange of whimsical  opinions. 
Many thanks to all who particpated - couldn't do it without you! 

Interpreter Needed Please

Can anyone recommend an interpreter, to come to Velez Malaga Hospital.

Spa Day Raises €580 for The Hungry & Homeless

On Saturday 18th October, holistic therapists from the region gave their expertise, free of charge, in order to raise money for the hungry and homeless in Malaga.
A Spa Day was held at the garden centre Viveros Algarrobo, on the A356 near la Vinuela, where seven therapists offering treatments as diverse as reflexology, reiki, shamanic healing and deep tissue massage, helped raise €580 for the Food for Change project.
The event was organised by Maggie Culver who regularly collects donations and delivers food to Ángeles de la Noche in Malaga – a centre where the poor and homeless are fed daily.
Thanks should go to therapists: Debbie Roberts, Eileen Roberts, Maria Gabriela, Renate Grafer-Baetz, Jenny Wright, Gaby and Mo.
Thanks also to Karen from Rumours Hair Salon in Puente don Manuel for a donation of clothes, and to Tai-chi Jane for her donation.
Huge thanks to Maria and David from the Viveros Algerrobo garden centre who allowed us to use their function room and grounds, free of charge.
This is the third such spa day in the last twelve months, our total donated to date is €1,515
For further information please contact:
Email: or
Tel:   Jan Sprenger 634 433 530

Quality Service in Nerja

Couple of compliments regarding good service in Nerja , first Bakus the restaurant at the bottom of Calle Frigiliana, proper top food, excellent service, plenty of staff (that actually looked liked they enjoyed being there), very clean. Price, you be the judge, three aperitifs, two bottles of a very nice white wine, brandy, whisky, coffee, cava(free!!)  three courses (proper portions) for three very hungry diners-----euro144.
Secondly the Shoe Repairer  at the junction of Calle La Cruz/Calle Animas, took my expensive motorbike boots in with a hole in the sole that you could push your fingers through, got told to return in two days time (cobblers, two days, no way!!) returned in two days and lo and behold job done and done well for all of euros25!!!

Thanks for Successful Sale

I would like to thanks those who showed interest in the Iphone 4s black that I advertised on the website, I sold it to the second person that contacted me, this was a phone call I got  just after it was put on around 6pm on 20th October.
I sent all emails a reply to thank those people but I would also like to thanks the people for the phone calls.
Kind regards to all and thanks to Digame Torrox.

What´s on Fretbuzz at Meson La Terraza, Torrox Pueblo

Fretbuzz are back at Meson La Terraza this Saturday, 25th October from 8.30pm,
Come along for some live music, folk, country, rock & roll and pop,
something for everyone.
Diners are requested to book in advance on 691 89 48 05

TAIL Dog Show, Torrox Saturday November 15th

As you know we are a local charity caring for abandoned dogs, with kennels in Torrox housing upwards of 70 dogs and more being fostered.
Well, we are holding our fabulous dog show on Saturday 15 November at El Barco Torrox Costa.
Put a note in your diary people it's a fun day out. We will post more info next week re times etc.
We are hoping to attract any stallholders wishing to sell their wares at the show, so, any artisans, traders,
booters out there, a pitch can be yours for €5.00, the more the merrier.
We always have a great turnout of people so
call Jean 629 469 445 or Sue 629 501 173 to reserve your pitch
If any restaurants, bars or shops may be willing to donate a prize or sponsor us please call
Sue 629 501 173
Thank you 

What´s on Municipal Brass Band Concert

Municipal Brass Band Concert,
Sunday 26 October,
Paseo de Larios in Torre Del Mar

What´s on Tribute to the four Top Show - Sold Out

What´s on Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar - Prayers

Saturday 1st – Taizé Prayer for the Departed.  Prayers will be said to remember our beloved departed family and friends. 
A candle with their name is lit and placed near the cross as a symbol in their memory and as a thanks giving for their lives amongst us.
Time 18.00h. At the San Andrés Parish Church, Torre del Mar.
Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar. 
 Avda. Moscatel 1”I”, (Jardines Viña Malága/Antigua Casa de la Viña),
Torre del Mar, 29740.
Opening hours Monday through Friday 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00.
Tel.952 543 334 E-mail:  Web:

What´s on Lux Mundi Centro Ecumenico), Fuengirola. Choir

Friday 31st – Concert by the Dutch Choir “Nos Encanta Cantar”. 
Please come and join us and have fun listening to the Dutch choir singing songs in various languages. 
There will tapas and 1 drink served during the interval, which is included in the Ticket price of 6 Euros, available at the Centre.  Time 18.00h.
Lux Mundi Centro Ecumenico), Fuengirola.  C/ Nueva No.3, Fuengirola, 29640.
Opening hours Monday through Friday 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.30.
Tel 952 474 840,
e-mail     Web.