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Monday, 25 May 2015

Burglars in Wet Suits

   The report of burglars overcoming a house alarm by donning wet suits prompts me to respond.
The suggestion is, in my view, what is known as an ‘urban myth’, promoted and believed by those who have watch too many ‘bank heist’ films. Opiece suits are presumably worn by on-screen burglars to limit their forensic footprint and to display their honed bodies to the audience, not to overcome the alarm system.
If you need convincing, consider some simple science;
The detectors used in house alarms are looking for a simultaneous heat source and movement.
When they detect these, they activate the alarm. The idea of stopping heat from leaving a human body, thereby being invisible to detectors is good, however a wet suit will not do it. You need to insulate the body to reduce heat loss and heat can pass through a wet suit easily! Those who have used one will know that it works not as insulation but by trapping and there by warming, a thin layer of water between the wearer and colder water. A better insulator for human bodies is normal clothing. Detectors for house alarms should see heat from a clothed person even if they are wearing a thick winter coat, hat, gloves and ski goggles! Even Polar clothing cannot stop the body losing heat which is why Polar explorers keep moving!
The important question is ‘how much heat is needed to activate a house alarm detector?’
If you are worried, my recommendation is you find out by testing your house alarm detector (known as PIR’s). It’s easily done by putting on thick clothing and walking into a room to see if the red light in the detector comes on. If it does, it has seen you. For a totally convincing test, set the alarm, leave and re-enter the house without entering the code (remember to warn neighbours and your alarm monitoring company that this is a test!) If the house alarm fails, for whatever reason, then you have an issue with your alarm installation company. Call them and ask them to check it is working properly.
Most people set off their alarm by accident now and again anyway, and that's the best reassurance you can have that it's working, so long as you know why it was activated!
whiteswans22 at googlemail dot com

Work opportunity

Helping Hands has been supporting people with award winning care in the UK since 1989
enabling customers to remain in the familiarity of their own homes, surrounded by things that they love.
As the leading provider of care in the UK, we have a network of regional offices , managers and
trainers to support and develop our carers who are the heart of our business.
We are currently looking for Spanish based potential carers to work in the UK, whilst experience
can be beneficial it is not essential as you will be given full training.
Our Spanish based Live-in carers find that, not only is Live-in care a rewarding career but it also
fits well with Spanish and UK lifestyles, as well as being in the UK for a few weeks supplementing
their income they also get to visit family and friends – its the prefect balance.
For information about our forthcoming recruitment and training event being held in Spain
15th – 19th June please contact Jayne Vale  957556056 / 658521907 or email
Follow us: Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin Video: Learn more about Helping Hands
Jayne Vale
Spanish Recruiter/ Dementia Specialist

Technomate Satellite Receivers

There has been a lot of discussion about the Technomate Satellite Receiver on Digame of late. I would like to clear up a few main points.
IntelSat 907 is a single frequency  transmitting Satellite.
It transmits at a frequency of 11495 (vertical) and all channels are superimposed on this frequency.
Therefore with the right software, the Technomate box is quite capable of recording 2 channels whilst you are watching another channel at the same time, using a single tuner.
There is no necessity for a dual LNB as it is quite capable of operating with a single LNB.
As the box does not have an internal hard-drive, a plug-in hard-drive or USB flashdrive is required if you wish to record.
After a little practise this becomes very easy to do.
For further information you can call Tom Proctor at SatCo (for everything Television) on 657484853
for a free and no obligation demonstration.

Hiding out in care

We moved to Competa two months ago and are trying to set up all the usual support stuff and none is more important than a trusted "second home" for our beloved and spoilt German Shepherd, for when we go on holiday or need a few days in a "dogs not welcome place".
We have heard wonderful things of a couple who live in Archez and take in a few dogs at a time
when they can.
Who are these fabled people, does anyone know them, are you them?
If any one can help with a telephone number or email I would be very grateful.
Please email Jen dot cameron at outlook dot com or call 618 300 177

Driving Licences - Experience, Warning & Question

To the lady enquiring about changing her driving license my advice would be to start the process now.
Our licenses run out on 15th june and as we didn't want to go to trafico and do it ourselves (we did this two years ago when we had our existing English licenses registered)we decided to get a local insurance company, who do this for you , to apply for us.
We took all the necessary documents to them and they took them to trafico the next day and then returned, to us, our passports and residencias saying that when the Spanish authorities had contacted the DVLA they would have to take our documents back to trafico in Malaga ready for our Spanish licenses to be issued.
That was five weeks ago.
The Spanish tell me that the DVLA haven't responded.
The DVLA tell me that they cannot tell me if the Spanish have asked for any information, or, if they have, whether they have responded or not.
Looks to me like in a few weeks we are going to be without licenses.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Does anyone have any idea how to proceed?
Answers please to Digame.
Mavis Alcaucin

Gibraltar Medical Care

Now that we are coming in to summer, and many of us will have friends and relatives visiting I would like to issue a little warning about medical care when visiting Gibraltar. 
Many people assume that because Gibraltar is British, this means medical treatment is free.
This is not the case as I found out when I had to visit their hospital following an unfortunate accident on a day out.
You will be asked to produce your EHIC (formerly E111) card or some form of travel insurance or you will be charged for your treatment.
I was fortunate enough to be carrying my card and also have annual travel insurance so was fully covered. Hope this will help someone who doesn’t know and intends going there for a visit.
Helene. La Vinuela.

Man with Van ceases trading

I would inform you that Fred Kleven of the above has ceased trading, and wishes to thank all his clients for their support in using the various trades he offered.
Diane Lang-Sutton
pp Fred Kleven
Mobile 631062968

Trip to Almuñecar

The Phoenix Club are off on a jolly to Almunecar on Friday 10th July.
Almunecar is a large seaside town, situated east of Nerja and just past beautiful La Herradura.  The Phoenicians were the first to discover this lovely place at around 1500BC and then followed by the Romans, the Moors and finally the Christians.
There is a lot to see in Almunecar, notwithstanding the quaint market which is held on Fridays.  The Majuelo Botanical Gardens, the Bonsai Museum, the Arabic Castle of San Miguel, the Roman Aqueduct, Loro Sexi Bird Park and the Achaeological Museum which has the best pottery antiquities collection and is the home of the cremation urn of the Pharoh Apofis the 1st and is inscribed with the earliest text on the Iberian Peninsular are all interesting places to visit.
You can pick up a guide at the Tourist Information Office on Avenida de Europa.
Have we whetted your curiosity? 
The price?  €14pp - Buffet Lunch extra at the Hotel Chinasol for €10pp or do your own thing!
We pick up in Torre del Mar at 08.45, Algarrobo Lidl at 09.00 and Maro at around 09.20.
For more information on any of our trips or events call Gail on 951067723,
or catch us on the webb at
The Phoenix club is a registered charitable organisation raising funds for 3
local charities and Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every Tuesday between 12 and 2 and you can book or pay from 12.15 onwards.  Do pop in and meet us.

Driving Licence Information

To exchange a driving Licence English to Spanish you need to make an
appointment by clicking the link above, print it off.  Obtain a medical
cerificate for drivers  (Clinica Rincon do these for around €42) and attend
Trafico Malaga at the appointed time with your medical certificate, expiring
licence, your NIE  original plus a copy, Your Passport, plus a copy, and 2
passport photographs.  Upon entering the office go to the desk on the right
and show your printed off appointment.  You will be given a number and told
which window to go to.  It has now become very much  more efficient than in
the past and you should be in and out in 30 minutes.  You will receive your
new  licence in the post,  within 3 weeks usually.  You will be given a
temporary document in case you are stopped by the police before your new
licence arrives.

S1 information needed

What is the contact details or is there a web page with information on how to make an appointment to apply for the s1 form. 
Answers to digame.
Thanks in advance.

TAIL Thanks

TAIL would like to thank all the people that came along to support us
at our 1st Auction on Saturday. It was well worth doing, A special thank
you to our auctioneer Andy. All the staff at Varadero and June and Fiona
for all their help and support
Jean K

What's on - Johnny Q's Irish Bar

What's on - Organic Market in Nerja

Nature and Progress's organic market is moving to Nerja! The inauguration, with all stalls, will be this Sunday 31st May from 10:00h to 14:00h, and thereafter every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Organic foodstuff and chemical-free beauty products available to buy include: cheeses, eggs, bread, vegetables, fruit, flour, rice, pulses, cereals, seeds, sugar, Kombucha, edible oils (argan, olive and hemp), herbs, milks, honey, chocolate, sweets, cakes, jams, pickles, curry pastes, Hindu food, vegan food, veggie burgers, falafel, coftas, hummus, babagamush, soaps, shampoos, face and body oils (including argan and magnesium) and creams, essential oils, cleaning products, and much more.

The location is the new, colourful and vibrant cultural centre of Namaste at Avenida Mediterraneo 6, opposite the curry house, Eurocar, Hotel Tui, and next to Pizzeria da Carlo.
For more information please call 650 193 777 or see

What's on - Cancelled!

What's on
AAR Fashion Show
Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Live Concert "Two to Tango"

This Saturday, May 30th at 10:00 pm, we end the month with a live tango concert.
Two voices side by side, two distinctive ways of interpreting the tango, two Argentinian hearts joint together by an intense and unique feeling: HAYDÉE ACOSTA and CARLOS MONTERO.
Haydée was born in Buenos Aires, an active participant in Nerja cultural events,  describes herself as "a spontaneous artist" who began singing professionally in 1978 after her arrival in Spain.
She sings, accompanied on piano by CARLOS CORTÉS, typical songs from her wide repertoire of tango.
Carlos Montero, also from Buenos Aires and now resident in Madrid, began his career as a solo singer when he was seventeen.
He has made 14 albums: of Argentinian folk songs as well as his personal interpretation of classical tangos. His particular way of feeling the tango led him to develop distinctive arrangements for his renditions.
"Two to Tango” is a live concert at Ventana Abierta on Saturday, 30 May at 10:00 pm. 
Don’t forget it is important to book your place in advance by email or phone, and await confirmation.  Ventana Abierta is at 42 Calle Granada, in Nerja.


Holiday let bright spacious,ground floor studio apartment  with terrace, separate bedroom, shower room, communal pool & gardens,300mts to beach,
For availability & prices ........

Wanted - Kingsize or Double Pine Bed.

 Good Condition and a nice price please.
Email me on pamelacomerford777 at gmail dot com. 
Or call 639 513 219.
Many thanks

Wanted Folding Stand for Suitcase

Please has any one got a folding suit-case stand for sale. 
Please contact Patricia : Tel 952 513 531 
Many thanks,

For Sale VW Golf

Golf 2, built 86, new ITV, tax 2015 paid, 1.550 Euro
Top technical condition.
Amount of new parts. Ask!
Rust-free. No damage. Third owner.
Always owned and maintenanced by German.
Sell only because need bigger car.
Call Svend: 606 423 869

For Sale: Sofa Bed

Sofa 150x90
Bed 120x200 approx
Archez area

can deliver locally

For Sale IKEA Coffee Table

Typical of IKEA it is very solidly made and stained real wood.
Has two drawers, one each side and the shelves are adjustable!
It is about 65cm x 90cm and is 52cm high.
 It is very solid and is stained teak coloured.
It looks the same from the back, so it ideal for the middle of a room.
Contact us Jim or Ivy on 616917707 or
email casa dot irene at me dot com.
We are about half way between Competa and Torrox so you can come to us or I can take it to either village. Just 40 euro

For Sale - Wooden Chest

For sale 1915 wood baul from Tuscany
very good condition
 350 euros
please contact enzo 615365825

For Sale - Gas Heater

Large gas heater for sale,
no bottle. 
Good condition, hardly been used. 
Nerja area, can deliver locally.
Contact Terry on 656 593 580
or casa dot chloe at yahoo dot co dot uk

For Sale Oil Painting

Large unsigned oil on canvas painting 
1135X835 mm framed
Phone 658164021

For Sale TVs

32" LG LCD Television 32LG3000 complete with remote. 
100 Euros
26" Samsung LCD Television LE26R88BD complete with remote and wall bracket. 
80 Euros
Telephone 609 523 664. - Torrox Park

For Sale E.Cigs

E-Cigs for sale from starter kits to liquids.
For more information and/or price list
email me at
or find us on Facebook at Torrox & Nerja E-Cigs

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Mobile Physiotherapist Needed please

Does anyone know if there is a mobile physiotherapist prepared to do home visits to a finca just off the TorroxPueblo/Competa main road please.
Thank you. Lynne
Answers to digametorrox @

Spanish Driving Licence - Question

My English licence runs out on 0./08/2015 can some please advise me how to get a Spanish licence.
mu email address is or my phone number is 657710001
thanks in advance

Need a man with a van

Man with Van Needed
We are looking for a man with a van who can go from Algarrobo to Orgiva in Granada. It is a 90 km and less then a 1 hour drive.
We have to transport a little settee, a double bed with 2 pedestal cupboards with lamps  and a washing machine.
Who can help us? And let us know a price.
Please send me an email at gerroggeveen at hotmail dot com.
Thanks a lot and best regards.
Ger Roggeveen
Apartado 45
29750 Algarrobo (Malaga) España
Tel.   00-34-958-785238
Mov. 00-34-6-15889336

Rug Cleaning - recommendation

 We take our large jarapa rugs (the Alpujarra type) to Lavanderia Maruja in c/Gaviotas, Torre del Mar.  Their service and prices are excellent for all sorts of laundry and dry cleaning.
The owners are Mª Rosa and Manuel (who speaks very good English).
It's easy to pull up outside in your car so no distance to carry heavy items.
Their phone numbers are 952 54 10 35 or 617 82 92 22.

Car Body Shop needed - recommendations needed

I'm based in Nerja and looking for a recommendation for a body shop as I have a Fiat which need a new door and some collision work.
Thank you

Car Seat repair needed

Can anybody recommend a car seat(leather)repairer in the area please-much appreciated,
Muchas gracias
Spanish Management
0034 666135516

Recommendation for Entertainment Group

Bar Los Amigos held a ticket only night for a show by The Waddies a tribute band to Shawaddywaddy. What an absolute fantastic night they put on a fabulous show for all to enjoy.
Even if you do not know the songs you would still enjoy it, something for all ages.
If you are a bar-hotel-venue owner I definitely recommend these guys and you can find them on Facebook under The Waddies or I am happy to pass on contact details to them.
Thanks to Los Amigos for arranging a brilliant night and to The Waddies for their great performance.
Rebecca C..A..R.E 'at'

Entertainer Available

My name is Nigel Taylor. I am a professional guitarist-singer, based in Almunecar.
I am looking for bookings for this summer.
I play at private functions, bars and weddings, restaurants etc.
My prices are very reasonable.......ask away
I play covers, everything from Elvis through to Bruno Mars.    
Nigel Taylor Singer-GuitaristNigel Taylor Singer-Guitarist
View on Preview by Yahoo
You can contact me on 602 483 027 or

Advice on Alarms

We at Perfect Alarm send our sympathy to the people who’s house was broken into.
This is never a good situation for those involved.
Even as a professional installer, we think it is not up to us to judge on a competitor’s installation, as we don’t know all the details.
Even the explanation with the wet suit sounds strange, there is a technique known as the camouflage approach, which indeed can overcome a PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor).
PIR-based motion detectors are small and all look more or less alike.
Nevertheless generations of engineers have been working for decades to  improve them and offer different products (for different usage and lifestyle) and the evolution is still going on.  It is up to the installer now to decide, which sensor fits the need of the installation and location. A good technician keeps focused on the goal and not primarily on the price and his profit. Keep in mind, quality sensors can never compete with the price of a budget product. 
This also pertains to the people who does the installation, are they professionally trained engineers who are qualified to make careful installations.
John Ruskins quoted about the common law of business balance, which  is also valid here in Andalucía. “It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the item you bought was incapable of doing the task it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”
We from PERFECT Alarm SL, refuse to install products which compromise our customer’s security, and for this, our customers are thankful. 608517661

What's on - Ruts de la Tapa y Cotel in Algarrobo - Change of Date

Good afternoon , there has been a change in the dates for lack of time .
The path to the top will start from 12 to 28 June.
Sorry for the inconvenience
Marisol Sánchez
Assoc de Empresarios por Algarrob
C/ Blas Infante, 5
Telf. 952552903/697589719

What's on - Royal British Legion Fete

What's on Nerja Club Hotel

Wanted. Fridge

Wanted. Fridge, can Collect
Looking for a fridge or fridge freezer condition unimportant as long as it works, can collect we are in the Periana area.
tersmith at gmail dot com


Does anyone out there have a petrol-driven strimmer that they want to sell ?
Contact Nigel on 602 483 027.  or

For Sale Various

Due to the relocation, currently I'm selling some stuff:

Microwave Oven OK OMW 170 G-W
Bought in the end of April (about month ago).
 Like new:
40 EUR

Samsung 37" (LE37A559P4F). Full HD 1080p, LCD screen, 3 HDMI ports,
Bought in 2013.
Excellent condition: 150 EUR (negotiable)

Office Chair. Very comfortable and stylish, adjustable seat height.
Bought in the end of April (about month ago). Like new: 40 EUR

 All the stuff will be available to collect from Torrox area since June 1.
Also I can deliver to any place from Malaga to Nerja and maybe Almunecar (just contact me to discuss the details)
WhatsApp: +48661359716
SMS: +34603548089

For sale old oak sherry barrel

For sale is this very old sherry barrel on its original stand

35 Euro
Tel 634313809

For Sale - Various

Most of the pics are reproduced here, but pics of each item are available from the vendors. Editor

Black & Decker Electric Plane KW 710,
little used € 25

Bosch Professional Cordless Impact Gun and Drill with charge and two
batteries. € 60
Nickel Music Stand € 5

8 x Lego Bionicles
not 100% sure if all bits are there
€ 20 for all 8.

  • Fussball Table. No Legs. Pitch size approx 48 x 79 cm € 20

Fed up with your battery going flat on your electric bike? You need a Spartamet with Sachs Motor.
Rebuilt, but in need of a small amount of TLC to bring it up to 100%.
2 stroke 20cc petrol engine in back wheel. € 375-Elec Plane

  • Citrus Squeezer € 6
  • Bamboo One Drawing Tablet with new stylus € 20
  •  Tom Tom Navigator 6 Bluetooth GPS receiver and European Maps. € 30

  • Dell Axim X51 with CF wifi card. Windows PDA. €15

Please contact Craig or Carol on 952 539 565 or 637 058 478,
or e-mail craigncarol at gmail dot com.
We are in Torrox, and can possibly deliver.

For Sale: GS Moon Buggy

Colour Red.Immaculate condition.260 C.C.
1,415 Kilometres.
First Reg May 2009.
2 seater , Road Legal.
Road Tax (Circulation)  20 Euros per year paid till May 2016.
Insurance via Mapfre is approx 120 Euros per year and includes roadside assistance.
Electronic immobiliser fitted.
Buggy has been garaged since new.
Lots of photos available.
Cost new would be 4,000 euros.
Buggy located in Torrox Pueblo
Documents are all legal.
Price: 1800 euros . (Seller will pay transfer fees).
Tel: 95 253 9357 or 666 114 268 (John)

For Sale Plants

We´re working hard to bring you plants that you want and can´t find elsewhere -
and the bees love them too!The Viveros Florena Team

Very limited stocks of chocolate cosmos, cosmos atrosanguineus 
With its dark chocolate-purple coloured flowers and chocolate aroma - irresistible! €5 plant


Small plants of cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Mixed 
For a lovely meadow effect in your garden 
great for cut flowers too.
€1 plant

Sweet tobacco plant, nicotiana affinis
or Jasmine tobacco.  
Smells delightful, particularly at night.
On special summer offer - only €0.50 per plant 

 Lavatera trimestris Beauty Mix, rose mallow. 
A cheap and effective way to fill your garden with glistening soft colours.

€1 plant

Lorraine Cavanagh, Viveros Florena, Competa, Malaga.
Author of Mediterranean Garden Plants and Citrus, the Zest of Life.
Opening Hours: 10 - 4, closed Sundays and Mondays.
Tel:          689928201

For Sale Flat Screen TV Wall Mount

New and boxed large TV mount.Takes TVs from 32 to 60in and supports weights up to 90kg.

Cost £90 from PC World selling at €60

2 Thule Freeride 532 Cycle carries, new and boxed.
Cost € 60 Selling at €50 each
Christine Costantini
+34   605 303 726

For Sale Electric Fire

 Electric Fire 2 kw Fan assisted. 
Please contact Patricia
Chilches .-Costa Area. :
Tel 952 513 531 
Price 25 Euros.

For Sale Bosch fridge freezer

Digital temperature control for fridge.
Good working order, although it has suffered a few minor bumps on the exterior.
60cm wide 170cm tall. Fridge capacity 236L, freezer 66L.
65€ ono
Buyer to collect from Torrox campo (good access)
mimbrebee AT gmail DOT com

For Sale DVD Player

Pioneer XV-DV222 DVD player with remote and manual.
Includes Dolby 5.1 surround speakers (75W per channel)…
Two front, front central, two rear and a sub-woofer, together with all cables.
It has many advanced features and can play regular DVDs, DVD-RWs,
audio CDs and MP3 disks.
Very good condition...
60 Euros
Call Rod on 951 069 982 or
rodney dot jones4 at gmail dot com.
Based in Competa

For Sale Musical Keyboard

Casio ctk 7200 musical keyboard.
 5 octaves, 61 full size keys, 820 tones, 260 rhythms + 100 user.
16 track sequencer, midi. sd / card, digital effects, harmony, reverb
split tone, dual tone, chorus, dsp.
Drawbar organ with 50 digital tones +
100 tones on organ, and much more, complete with stand, music stand   and manual.  
Bargain at 250 euros ono
please contact  634887377  or
e-mail  allan dot gotthardt @ live dot co uk
Torrox Pueblo.

For Sale Dome Tent

Easy to erect family dome tent by Northwest Territory (USA). Ground size, 9 feet x 9 feet.
Complete with instructions, fly-sheet, shock-corded carbon fibre poles, tent pegs and carrying bag,
and all in very good condition.
Sorry no photograph.
Asking 50 Euros
Call Rod on 951 069 982 or rodney dot jones4 at gmail dot com.
Based in Competa

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pepe Needs a Home

Approximately one year old Spanish water dog cross.
Fostered for 3 months ~~ now needs a permanent home.
He has been castrated, inoculated and chipped and has a Pet Passport.
A very lovable and sociable little dog who will make a wonderful pet as he is good with children.
Please Phone Roseanne 952030936 or email roseannespain  at gmail dot com
Thanks very much

Repeat Ads

Just for Information
The Digame rules state that, if an item does not find a buyer, then at least 3 weeks should elapse AND the price should be reduced before seeking a second ad.

Vacancy for a Chef/Cook in Nerja

Chef/Cook for Fitzgeralds Bar Calle los Huertos Nerja
contact Adrian formore details on 693-700-810 //-952-523-842

Recommendation - Oscar Again......

We recently had a Solar Water Heater installed by Oscar Pinazo.
We are very pleased with his work.
Oscar and his colleague Juan turned up on time, and when promised.
They were very organised, diligent and tidy.
He went to great lengths to explain fully the way it worked, and after he decided the position of the panel was not quite right, they returned and realigned the whole system, all at no extra charge.
His English is excellent, which made things much easier.
His email address is
Many thanks
Alan W.


As an ex Torrox resident I looked at the graffiti on the toilets near to the lighthouse many times & like so many normal ex.pats found it to be very sad & also an embarrassment.
Why ? because it had obviously been done by someone with either a very good command of the English language or more probably by one of our wonderful fellow countrymen.
Of course it is not right to leave it as it is but maybe the local council leave it just to remind us that not all of us Brits treat our host country with the respect that it deserves & maybe to let other European Nationals see what we are capable of doing with a can of spray paint.
Having said all that come back to the U.K. & you will have a lot more to complain about.

DoctorLaptop's Tips #35 - New Tablet Info

NOTICE: Windows XP is obsolete and repairing it is becoming more difficult.
As of today I now charge 25 euros per hour for labor on Windows XP jobs.
Before You Buy a New Tablet
There are 3 basic types of tablet: Android, Apple iPads and Windows 8.1 Mobile OS (avoid the old Windows RT system tablets! They are obsolete). I am getting calls from remorseful Android tablet buyers. They had been convinced by a salesman that Android tablets are superior, easy to operate and less expensive than other tablets. The first 2 points are blatant lies. Android producers pay no operating system royalties as do Windows and Apple product producers.
Android is "open source"(free).
Lower production cost means the salesman's commission is larger on Android devices.
That's the only thing that makes it superior. Android is very different from Windows and iPad OS and requires learning new ways of doing even simple tasks.
Android tablets do cost less than equivalent Windows tablets and iPads.
I suggest if you are already familiar with Windows, and have no Linux/Android experience, find yourself a Windows 8.1 tablet.
Mac users can get iPads.
The extra cost is well justified by the amount of time saved trying to decipher an unfamiliar Android system. If you have too much free time and want a new hobby then Android may be for you. Email:
Visit my website for my mobile number.
All work by appointment, 1-8pm daily.
Make appointments by phone only, no calls before 11am. Rates: Windows Vista/7 repairs only 15 euros/hr.; Win8/Vaio/Android tablets 20 euros/hr.;
WinXP/Macs/iOS/Linux/IPTV/Accessories/Networks 25 euros/hr.
Customized classes on all topics, 75mins. for 25 euros.
House calls only billed for work time, not travel, but I will need a lift. euro minimum on house calls.
There is a 40 euro

minimum on house calls.

C.A.R.E Cafe

Hi all
We are a newly organised non-profit social enterprise in the beginning stages of setting up phase one:
A Cafe which will receive 100% donated food goods then be prepared by volunteers and given freely to those on the poverty line or below.
We will hold meetings every Friday at Bar Los Amigos.
For all new comers please attend at 5pm for an introduction and for anyone who will be attending regular there after 5:30.
We are currently looking for volunteers that would be most interested in joining our board of members primarily to fill positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Please contact me or come along to our meetings.
Kind Regards
Rebecca Co-Founder Director
Comunidad Ayuda Rapida España C.A.R.E 'AT'
633 792 881

re Non Internet TV.....

There are several types of sat boxes that do what you are asking, however the Technomate box is by far the easiest to use for this purpose.
If you want to record one or two channels while watching another you will nee a box with more than one tuner in it and a sat' dish with muliple LNBs on it .
It is possible to record one program and watch another on the model 5402 but you can only watch one channel and record another if it's on the same transponder or you can record a program and watch a previously recorded program at the same time.
For this you will need to have either a 2.5'' USB hard drive or a USB memory stick with large enough capacity to record more than one program and if using a hard deive it can only be used for TV recording or be petitioned so there is a partition on it that the sat box can recognise.
Hope this answer's your question.
tom21computer at gmail dot com

A problem shared is a problem halved !! 2

Wet suit? That's a new one on me? Feasibility is in question here.
For there to be any chance for it to work they would have to be wet through and dripping puddles.
Even then the body would have quickly warmed the wetsuit up.
I'd like to see a demonstration.
Anyone remember Arny Strong in the movie Predator covering himself in a thin layer of mud.
That was total rubbish.
Anyway, detectors should not just recognise body heat but also movement.
This is why a inanimate object moving in the wind will bring on outdoor security lights.
The security firm have fitted the wrong detectors!
Good luck with your claim,
Cheers, Keith, Vinuela,

Watch repair needed

I have an expensive watch that has stopped working.  
I think it probably needs a good clean as I wear it when carrying out building work, etc.  
Does anybody know where I could get this done? 
 I’m in Archez but can travel.  (It’s the kind of watch that works with the movement of the arm so doesn’t need a new battery!)
Please reply to jim dot templeman @ icloud dot com. 
Thanks in advance.

What's on - Potters Bar Quiz Night

The weekly Quiz Night at Potters Bar continues every week.
Dave Jamieson will asking the questions as usual from 8.00pm this Tuesday, May 26, starting at 8.00pm
There are prizes for the Top Two Teams plus a light tapa during the interval, for just three euros entry per player.
Any size team can enter, but teams with fewer than four members get bonus points to start, while teams of more than six (and the previous week's winners) begin with penalty points.
Potters Bar is on calle Andalucía, down the road from, and on the opposite side to the Hotel Villa Flamenca in Nerja.
Last Tuesday was very busy indeed so booking a table for your team is highly recommended!
Call in at the bar, or ring any evening on 95 252 2287.

What's on - Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal (Garden Fete)

On Saturday 30th May at 11.00hrs the Bar Atila is hosting a garden Fete in aid of the Los Romanes Branch,  Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.
 Mystic Meg will tell you your fortune using (genuine loose leaf tea leaves) your fortune cannot be told with a modern tea bag.  Splat the rat. 

Guess the weight of the cake and much more.
Foot note. Money raised for the Poppy Appeal is used  to help legion beneficiaries living here in Spain.
B J Turner
Chairman Los Romanes Branch RBL.

What's on at AliOli , Competa's gourmet chill out bar.

Sample exciting new dishes influenced by northern Spanish tapas and enjoy free Wifi whilst you chill out or dance under our disco ball! to music you will love in our air conditioned bar.
To cool you down further we now have Carling Extra Cold and Old English Cider on draught.
New to the menu we bring you:
Spicy chicken brochette with sweet soy
Juicy beef Kofta with yoghurt dip
A new main course of Bombay Chicken with red split lentils, basmati rice and popadom,
and our incredibly delicious and very popular smoked and fresh salmon fish cakes with caper salsa.
Don't worry, we are still serving your favourites:
Pulled pork crostini with apple and green chilli chutney and our famous
'Slider' a mini burger with blue or Swiss cheese.
Come and join us for Sunday Brunch, serving from 12 to 3 pm such classics
as Eggs Benedict, Home cooked Ham with Eggs and our own Hash Brown. 
Wash it down with our famous Bloody Mary, a Bucks Fizz or try one of our
new healthy smoothies.
You can find us just along from  the Mirador in Plaza Vendimia, Competa.
telephone 633172519.
For large parties are advised to book

What's on - AAR Fashion Show

Apologies to everyone for the lack of details for the AAR Fashion Show.
The details were on the poster which hadn´t printed for some reason.
The fashion show is on Friday the 29th at 1.000pm at Scirrocco´s, Puente don Manuel.

This is inside the Chiringuito Antonio area.
Entrance is €4 which includes a drink and tapa.
There are some lovely prizes in the raffle too.
Why not have a morning out, visit the Friday Market and the lovely local shops then join us for the show.
We would love to see you all!

For Sale Various

Mattress with slats new 2m - 0.90 cm  
115 Euro

Gas cooker 15 Euro

Bosch Hedge cutter 20 Euro

Massage bench 45 Euros

Mobile 626948615
Torrox Campo

For Sale Designer Clothes

Small selection of ladies designer clothes size 18 for sale at very reasonable prices.
No photographs.
Torrox Costa.
If interested please phone 952967697
 email greensladeruth799 at

For Sale - Wood Burning Stove

Old Hergom (Spanish make) wood burning stove, made of mainly cast iron with double opening doors to the front.
The top can be hinged upwards to provide two hot-plates if required - good for those power cuts.
This stove is fitted with a grate and an ash box and can be used with wood or coal.
Dimensions (approx.) 68cm high, 68cm wide and 40cm deep
Fits a 15cm flue, the only adjustment is via two air intakes on the doors,
which can be closed right down to allow slow burning.

Price:  €80

Phone: 952 11 53 88 or email: competacampo at gmail dot com

Please note that, being cast iron, this stove is very heavy!

For sale Air Con

Air con unit for sale, full working order, excellent condition. 
Complete with exhaust pipe.
Nerja area, can deliver locally.

Contact Terry on 656 593 580
or casa dot chloe at yahoo dot co dot uk

For sale iPhone - Unlocked

Here I have for sale an iPhone 5 in white 16gb.
Purchased from apple in UK so is factory unlocked.
Very clean condition.
Comes in box with plug and usb cable.
€200 ono
call Lenna on 620064402
or email
lenna phillips at hotmail dot co dot UK. 

For sale classic fit dark grey pin stripe Zara man's suit

Bought 2 years ago worn twice no longer fits.
Jacket size: eur 46, mex 36, usa 36
Trouser size: eur 38, mex 30, usa 30
Inside leg: 70 cm
From non smoking home.


For sale Various

The following items are for sale
(if you are interested in any item please send me an email and I will then send you a picture and further information)
-single bed(good condition)
-French doors
-Ladies designer hand luggage
-white bedside cabinet
-Beach items. Beach chairs, Beach Umbrellas,Bat and ball
-Cressi diving tank high quality and safety standards
-Large wooden sideboard
-window and window frames
-Traditional small spanish wooden table
-Corner unit.
-LG flat screen TV 22 inch
-LG surround sound speaker

Email =

For Sale - Many Items

Please contact the vendor for pics of any item(s) that interest you.
They thoughtfully decided not to clog up Digame with too many pics.

CD tower in light wood. 5€
Gas heater with half full gas bottle. 50€
Futon sofa bed with throw included. 80€
Big straw shopping basket of wool and craft stuff. Basket included. 12€
Fibre optic Christmas tree 1m tall and 10m roll of wrapping paper for free. 15€
Casio LK704 Electronic Keyboard. Includes manual, set up CD and songbooks. 70€
Silvan multi-juicer in stainless steel effect. 30€
Two heavy duty blinds in white plastic with metal connectors.
Like you see on the outside of many Spanish windows to keep sun out. 5€ each.
Two Pioneer speakers. 10€
Bread bin. Round solid wooden style. 5€
Fold up bed, no mattress. 10€
Sony Surround Sound Home theatre system. 70€.
White floor standing 3 speed fan. 15€.
Limited edition print Sea Otters. 163/350. By Liz Mitten-Ryan. 30€.  
Small dehumidifier. 1/2L capacity. 15€

 Collection Torrox.
E-mail killiesatzooma AT googlemail DOT com.

For sale Gas Bottles

Three Repsol gas bottles (empty), one fitted with lamp.
the three as shown.
Phone: 952 11 53 88
 email: competacampo at gmail dot com

Friday, 22 May 2015

Snoopy Needs a Home Following Bereavement

Snoopy's owner, a single-older man who took very good care of his dog companion adopted him from TAIL nearly 1 year ago. This man recently suffered a massive stroke and was unconscious for more than a week while his neighbours rallied around to care for Snoopy.
Unfortunately, Snoopy's owner has now died and Snoopy is looking for a new forever home.
Snoopy turned 2 years on May 16th. He's castrated, chipped, passport ready and up-to-date. He's got wonderful eyes and a great smile. He's been fostered since May 11th and his foster parents confirm he has the best house manners. He's simply delightful, easy-going and plays with their other 2 foster dogs so nicely. He likes his morning and evening walks and has a good appetite. He was on his own before, but has really taken to being with other dogs. Don't know how he is with cats, but he could be tested.

Contact Sue  to meet Snoopy and learn more about him. Tel: 629 501 173 /   952539370

Recommendation needed for UVPC Roof Terrace Extension Please

Could anyone assist please.I am looking for information/recommended companies who install/ design uvpc extensions on roof terraces. To be used a a dinning room. Information also required as to legality ie would a licence be required.
Please reply to