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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Advance Notice - NO Digame this Saturday morning.......

There will be NO Digame in your EMail Box on Saturday morning -
big re-organisation of computers etc.etc.  on Friday means I shall not be able to input any items.
So -  if there is anything urgent - please ensure I have the information before 3pm Today (Thursday)

Health Spa in Nerja Needed Please

Does anyone know of a Health Spa in or around the Nerja area?
I know there is a gym but I am looking for a Health Spa, pool, jacuzzi, sauna etc.,
my contact details are
eveinspain2000 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Teacher of Ethics & History Needed Please

We need private tuition for the Spanish 4th year syllabus in these two subjects.
A Spanish teacher with enough English to translate to the student's parents would be useful!
I can read Spanish but not understand rapid Andalusian Spanish, and the school staff don't seem helpful. Ideally home tuition in Torrox Pueblo or somewhere accessible to be agreed.
Replies to mail at mdobson dot net.

Clinica Rincon - Opinions Please

I would be interested in hearing of anyone's experiences of using Clinica Rincon - if diagnosis was correct, did practitioners speak English, was the service value for money, would they go back etc. 
How does Clinica Rincon compare with other clinics in the Nera/Torre area.
Many thanks
- digametorrox @

APARIV Dog Rescue - Shop Volunteers wanted

We are looking for volunteers to help out in our shop in Torre del Mar. 
We are on the main street of the Thursday market, Calle Duque de Ahumada,
and are open 10am - 2pm, Monday to Saturday. 
Some knowledge of Spanish helpful, but not essential. 
You will need a good sense of humour, the ability to relate to customers of various nationalities and to be flexible and versatile! 
If you think that you would fit in with our small team of helpers, please
tel. Julie on 670807997 or Anne on 693231007 or call in at the shop.

Identify a Tree Please.....

We have a tree which for the first time has produced fruit

Does anyone have any ideas what it might be?

 It has a very sweet smell.
Regards Andrew

Replies to
digametorrox @

Opinions on Opinion : Nomenclature in Digame

I felt the need to reply to John Gosling following his unfathomable rant over people who refer to cats and dogs as 'boys' or 'girls'.
Firstly John, as a 'parent' of dogs, one male and one female - these animals are part of our family and we love them very much. It is not unreasonable to refer to them as our 'boy' and our 'girl'. 
We know they are not children we are not unintelligent just a little sentimental.
Secondly John, as a parent of actual children I can assure you that, God forbid, one of my children was missing, I would not be posting on Digame!
Whilst I do think Digame is a fantastic service, it is not the first place I would think of if I were suffering the nightmare of losing a child.  (No offence Jane)
My parting shot to you is.... get a bl---y grip!
Sam Benson
Dog. Scientific name:- Canis Lupus Familiaris
Genders:- Male, Female - Dog, Bitch - Boy, Girl.
What a shame Mr Gosling that you have nothing more to think about than attempting to change what owners call their pets.
You really should get a life and not be quite so pompous.
Seve, a really good boy
Re John Gosling's opinion on people anthropomorphizing their cats and dogs.
Here-here Mr Gosling!
(I even know people who send their dogs Xmas cards signed: "from MUMMY" )
Very sad.
John B
John Gosling. Please get a life. If your statement is all you have to worry about you  must have a very boring life.
I have 2 dogs. One is my boy and the other my girl.
They are not human but behave far better than many humans.
I have 2 grandchildren also. One is my boy and the other my girl.
Believe me, I do not get the 4 of them mixed up!!!
I can only imagine how shocked John must be when he is caught off guard reading Digame.
 I have this mental picture of John spitting out his cornflakes, when reading that some poor soul can't find her Pussy or that our Bobby has out grown our family, so would some kind person like him free of charge!
I'm really not sure what the problem is John.
I'm a keen horse racing fan & over the years I'm pretty sure I've heard it said on Channel 4 " she is very frisky today,
 I'm not sure she is liking Frankie on top of her" or "she is sweating up going in".
Many a time I've dropped my Sporting Life in complete horror, wondering what on earth I was watching(joking).
Maybe Digame is structured in such a way to stop the kind of confusion that John has?
First few posts, lost/found/re home pets, the next posts, general info & moaning about calling your pets he/she, then whats on & finally, wanted & for sale.
I have two dogs(or should I say bitches) & as far as im concerned, they are my girls.
But then again, I do live in Torrox!
The post by John re male/female animals being referred to as boys or girls certainly did not fall on deaf ears - not in my direction anyway.
I opened up Digame with my morning cuppa and there it was Breaking News............Lost Boy!
Thoughts of child abduction promptly entered my mind until I read on and I found it totally pathetic.
Well done Sir for airing your views.
I know you've written this to incite people and normally I wouldn't respond to such drivel but I'm having a very bad day.   Our little 18 month old female cat died in the early hours of today and however you or the dictionary defines the word 'girl'.
Roxy is and always will be our beautiful little girl.
Oxford English Dictionary meaning of he/she.....
I have never bothered to reply via Digame regards these sad people who seem to spend their time griping about anything they can think of on Digame.
To be honest why do they read the posts anyway if they find it not to their taste? 
Anyway, just to get the record straight regards the meaning of he/she here is the link from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Editor writes - 
and number 8 ends the delightful exchange of whimsical  opinions. 
Many thanks to all who particpated - couldn't do it without you! 

Interpreter Needed Please

Can anyone recommend an interpreter, to come to Velez Malaga Hospital.

Spa Day Raises €580 for The Hungry & Homeless

On Saturday 18th October, holistic therapists from the region gave their expertise, free of charge, in order to raise money for the hungry and homeless in Malaga.
A Spa Day was held at the garden centre Viveros Algarrobo, on the A356 near la Vinuela, where seven therapists offering treatments as diverse as reflexology, reiki, shamanic healing and deep tissue massage, helped raise €580 for the Food for Change project.
The event was organised by Maggie Culver who regularly collects donations and delivers food to Ángeles de la Noche in Malaga – a centre where the poor and homeless are fed daily.
Thanks should go to therapists: Debbie Roberts, Eileen Roberts, Maria Gabriela, Renate Grafer-Baetz, Jenny Wright, Gaby and Mo.
Thanks also to Karen from Rumours Hair Salon in Puente don Manuel for a donation of clothes, and to Tai-chi Jane for her donation.
Huge thanks to Maria and David from the Viveros Algerrobo garden centre who allowed us to use their function room and grounds, free of charge.
This is the third such spa day in the last twelve months, our total donated to date is €1,515
For further information please contact:
Email: or
Tel:   Jan Sprenger 634 433 530

Quality Service in Nerja

Couple of compliments regarding good service in Nerja , first Bakus the restaurant at the bottom of Calle Frigiliana, proper top food, excellent service, plenty of staff (that actually looked liked they enjoyed being there), very clean. Price, you be the judge, three aperitifs, two bottles of a very nice white wine, brandy, whisky, coffee, cava(free!!)  three courses (proper portions) for three very hungry diners-----euro144.
Secondly the Shoe Repairer  at the junction of Calle La Cruz/Calle Animas, took my expensive motorbike boots in with a hole in the sole that you could push your fingers through, got told to return in two days time (cobblers, two days, no way!!) returned in two days and lo and behold job done and done well for all of euros25!!!

Thanks for Successful Sale

I would like to thanks those who showed interest in the Iphone 4s black that I advertised on the website, I sold it to the second person that contacted me, this was a phone call I got  just after it was put on around 6pm on 20th October.
I sent all emails a reply to thank those people but I would also like to thanks the people for the phone calls.
Kind regards to all and thanks to Digame Torrox.

What´s on Fretbuzz at Meson La Terraza, Torrox Pueblo

Fretbuzz are back at Meson La Terraza this Saturday, 25th October from 8.30pm,
Come along for some live music, folk, country, rock & roll and pop,
something for everyone.
Diners are requested to book in advance on 691 89 48 05

TAIL Dog Show, Torrox Saturday November 15th

As you know we are a local charity caring for abandoned dogs, with kennels in Torrox housing upwards of 70 dogs and more being fostered.
Well, we are holding our fabulous dog show on Saturday 15 November at El Barco Torrox Costa.
Put a note in your diary people it's a fun day out. We will post more info next week re times etc.
We are hoping to attract any stallholders wishing to sell their wares at the show, so, any artisans, traders,
booters out there, a pitch can be yours for €5.00, the more the merrier.
We always have a great turnout of people so
call Jean 629 469 445 or Sue 629 501 173 to reserve your pitch
If any restaurants, bars or shops may be willing to donate a prize or sponsor us please call
Sue 629 501 173
Thank you 

What´s on Municipal Brass Band Concert

Municipal Brass Band Concert,
Sunday 26 October,
Paseo de Larios in Torre Del Mar

What´s on Tribute to the four Top Show - Sold Out

What´s on Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar - Prayers

Saturday 1st – Taizé Prayer for the Departed.  Prayers will be said to remember our beloved departed family and friends. 
A candle with their name is lit and placed near the cross as a symbol in their memory and as a thanks giving for their lives amongst us.
Time 18.00h. At the San Andrés Parish Church, Torre del Mar.
Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar. 
 Avda. Moscatel 1”I”, (Jardines Viña Malága/Antigua Casa de la Viña),
Torre del Mar, 29740.
Opening hours Monday through Friday 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.00.
Tel.952 543 334 E-mail:  Web:

What´s on Lux Mundi Centro Ecumenico), Fuengirola. Choir

Friday 31st – Concert by the Dutch Choir “Nos Encanta Cantar”. 
Please come and join us and have fun listening to the Dutch choir singing songs in various languages. 
There will tapas and 1 drink served during the interval, which is included in the Ticket price of 6 Euros, available at the Centre.  Time 18.00h.
Lux Mundi Centro Ecumenico), Fuengirola.  C/ Nueva No.3, Fuengirola, 29640.
Opening hours Monday through Friday 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.30.
Tel 952 474 840,
e-mail     Web.

What´s on Johnny Qs Irish Bar

Friday Night is Karaoke night - Come along and join the fun loads of songs to choose from.  The fun starts around 8.30pm.
Sunday Traditional Roast Lunch - Choose from Beef, Pork, Lamb or Chicken all served with Roast & Creamed Potatoes, Yorkshire Pud. and fresh seasonal Veg. topped off with rich gravy made from the meat juices. yummy!! Glass of Red or White Wine included.
Booking strongly advised.
Late Diner menu available from 4.30pm every day except Wednesday.
Come try our Beer battered Fish and Hand Cut Chips, just one of the choices on our Late Diner Menu.
Available Daily Home baked Pies, Pasties and Cakes and of course the All day Breakfast plus much more.
At Johnny Qs we don´t do Fast Food.
We do good Food as Fast as we can.
Bloque 9 Costa Del Oro, Torrox Costa
Telephone 952 967 631
We are Closed on Wednesdays

Free Short Story!

John Hardy has published a free story "6.10 from Darlington" as a thank you to everyone who has bought one or more of his books, and to promote the new book coming out soon.
It's available from amazon for their minimum price (77p - they won't let you put it on for free) or you can access it free at
More information on all his books, available in English, German and Spanish, at
Hope you enjoy reading the new story

Wanted Old Style 32" TV

Thank you for all your replies regarding a large television, apologies for not contacting you direct most of the calls were taking while driving so it was difficult to put down details. so here goes with a e-mail address
Was looking for an Old but working telly size of screen 32inch corner to corner,
And any one got a working unloved, unwanted HiFi/Cd player with twin speakers, English or Spanish unit
please e-mail
Thank you

Wanted "Splitter"

Does anyone know where to get such a "split"?
This is for connecting a laptop headset with two plugs,
(earphones and microphone),
into a PC input with just one "plug-in" hole.

Se picture. (APP-Torrox does not have it.)
Please email info to:         sik at online dot no.
Thank you!

Wanted Fridge/Freezer

Fridge/freezer wanted at a reasonable price,
does not have to be in perfect condition but good working order.
Tel:  647155878

For sale: RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Plants

As new condition:

Currently on special offer from the RHS in the UK for £55 -
but will accept 35 euros

Competa campo

For Sale Technomate satellite receiver box & mobile phone

Technomate satellite receiver box,
as new, 100€
Nokia C2-05 mobile phone,
never used, 20€


For Sale Automatic Bread Maker.

Automatic Bread Maker.
Bifinett KH 2231. 
Hardly used.excellent condition.
15 €  . tel 951067703 Competa

For sale: Sofa:

Sofa: 2seater ( 140x90x90),
1 year new, real colors are much brighter than picture shows.
Has always been covered.
  Price: 50€
Call Alan on 656384243 or mail to:

For sale Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryer for 3kilo content, Thomas, made in Germany,
autobreak to stop immediately
Perfect condition.
In Torrox Pueblo     
Price: 20€
Call Alan on 656384243  or mail:

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Possible Sighting of Lost Cat

Regarding the missing cat, I believe I saw this cat a week ago (last Sunday-ish) at the helipad
He was hiding under the ford I have parked outside..
He seemed to be bigger than your average cat, and unfortunately the over protective mother cat I have at the moment chased him off
I haven't seen him since but its worth having a scout around that area
Doma Natural
Competa, Malaga

Kitten Needs Home

This lovely kittens was abandoned. I've been taking care of her but I already have a cat and
I'm looking for a home for her.
Please, if you are interested send me an e-mail at

Printer Needed

Can anyone recommend a reliable printer  in the Digame area.
We are not sure of,the format yet, but probably up to 100 sides of A5, either folded and stapled
(magazine style) or spiral bound.
Any information much appreciated to Digame digametorrox @
or magwood at live dot com.

Therapy centre for Osteopathy,

Pain Therapy, Massage,
Lymphatic drainage,
Bowen Technique, Reflexology,
Craniosacral Therapy and much more at Torrox Costa.
Clinica Casa Blanca since 2008.
Massage from 15 Euro 30 Minutes.
Other treatments from 20 Euro 60 Min.
Osteopathy 40 €  60 Min.
Whole body massage 39 Euro 75 minutes.
Special massage offers from 3 sessions:
Book 10 Massages and get the last one free.
Book 5 Massages and get 50 % off the 5th.
Each session paid separately.
Gift Vouchers and
Forever Living products available.
Treatments for pain,
illnesses (acute or chronic)
inflammation, sciatica, hernia
spinal misalignment, joint discomfort,
frozen shoulder, Fibromyalgia,
rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis,
Tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome,
Tinnitus, migraines, headaches
internal ailments (stomach, IBS etc.),
allergy, depression, anxiety,
Menopause, Menstrual problems,
sprain, sinusitis and more.
Treatments for childhood diseases and
for any age from new born babies
to the elderly or pregnant women etc.
Clinica Casa Blanca:
Urb. Jardines del Mar, Bloque C 3, Torrox Costa
( the coast road N 340 heading towards Nerja,
1 Km at the traffic lights at Penoncillo ).
Webside: :
E mail:
Please call Bianca Bojahr on Tel.: 659 374 673
or 952 967 628. ( also home visits ).

Lux Mundi Fuengirola - Lecture

Thursday 23rd – Talk "The Padron".
Please come and join friends and listen to an interesting talk on the subject of “The Importance and advantages of being in the Padron”, by Bill Oliver, Attorney at Law. 
Your donation of only 1€ will help us to keep Lux Mundi open for you!
Time 16.30h.
Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre (Foundation Lux Mundi Centro Ecumenico), Fuengirola.  C/ Nueva No.3, Fuengirola, 29640.
Opening hours Monday through Friday 10.00 to 13.00 and 15.00 to 18.30.
Tel 952 474 840, e-mail   

Bouquet for a Sweep

I would like to give a bouquet to Diego the chimney sweep.
Having seen someone mention him on digame I contacted him to clean our chimney.
He was punctual and polite and left everywhere spotlessly clean. ​​
Highly recommend him.
He lives on the coast and not in Competa as was previously mentioned but is happy to travel inland as well as the coast.
 Remember winter is coming and your chimney should be swept regularly to avoid fire in the chimney and for your house insurance to be valid.
You can contact Diego on 952515065.

ITV Due?

You book the test, I'll do the rest.
Maybe you are new to Spain or just unsure of the procedure?
Perhaps you don't have the time or can't be bothered with the hassle.
I can collect your car from your door, drive to the Algarrobo ITV centre and return the car after the test.
Cost with an appointment: 40€ Plus Test Fee
Re-tests: 20€
Same day ITV test with no appointment: 60 euro
(Before 11 am and subject to availabilty).
Ring Adrian on: 674772589
References: Available

DJ Recommendation

Dee Jay Worzel
I would like to recommend a great DJ for your parties.
Dee Jay Worzel is a spanish guy called Antonio.
You may have seen him in some of the bars in Algorobbo or Torre del Mar.
He is very individual, enthusiastic and energetic, and will put on a great evening of music for you.
He doesn't just play discs but puts a lot of himself into his performance.
We hired him for a wedding party, and although he lives at Torrox, he was happy to come out to Vinuela, and his charges were very reasonable.
It was the best party music we have been to in our years in Spain.
He speaks a little English but his partner Jacqui is English.
Contact them on 625 31 93 23 or email november61 at hotmail dot es
You'll have a great night!


Undoubtedly this request will fall on deaf ears, but I can at least try.
In the English language, the word 'boy' is normally understood to refer to a member of genus homo sapiens of male gender below the approximate age of 14. We also have the female equivalent 'girl', which, likewise, is normally reserved for members of this same genus.  It seems however that a sizeable proportion of the English-speaking population of
Torrox is set upon permanently changing the meaning of both of these terms to refer no longer to humans but to dogs.
Now I have nothing personally against dogs and I do appreciate the commendable work done by members of our community in making sure that stray dogs find good homes. 
However, I would request that those contributors to Digame who habitually refer to their dogs as if they were human beings please take into consideration the semantic and linguistic difficulties they present to Digame readers who may on occasion be taken off-guard and believe, albeit for just a few moments, that a child has been lost or that one is about to be put down by the authorities or that one is being offered via some sort of unofficial scheme that has managed to bypass the normally stringent controls on the adoption of children.
John Gosling

What's On at Los Amigos de Torrox Monday 20th October - Sunday 26th October

What's coming up at El Pino Torrox Park

6th Annual Christmas Fayre,
Saturday 8th November 11am to 3pm
Restaurant El Pino, Torrox Park,
Each year we choose a charity to donate our sales of raffle tickets to and this year we have chosen Cudeca again.
We have all lost a family member or friend to Cancer or know someone who is fighting against it so it was an obvious choice to support the amazing work carried out by Cudeca.
In addition to the charity raffle there will be a mix of artisan and new stalls, including Christmas Decorations, Wool and Knitwear, Handmade Cards, Glassware, Jewellery and Clothing, plus gifts for our four legged friends.
The Restaurant is easy to find just follow the signs for Torrox Camping and the Restaurant El Pino is next to the main entrance.

What´s on Caribbean Curry Buffet & Disco La Casa Hotel & Restaurant

Due to the overwhelming response to this weeks forthcoming Curry buffet & Disco night we are scheduling another Caribbean Curry buffet & discoon Friday 14th November.
Please book your space early to avoid disappointment!!!
So sorry to those people we could not fit in this Saturday but especially for you we are doing a repeat performance in 3 weeks time.
On the menu...
Caribbean chicken  curry, Fish curry, Lamb curry, Caribbean curried peas and all the trimmings.
Dance the night away to the sounds of the decades with resident DJ Les.
Only 11.95 euro per person.
For more information call Karen, Sarah or Neil on 952535471
or email us at

What's On At The Axarquia Racing Club

Saturday 25th October. 
A first time visit for local band ''Blueprint'' featuring accomplished guitarist Norman (Stormin Norman) Teasdale .
 Hosting a jam and open mike
(musicians please bring your own instruments).
A very nice band playing rock and blues covers.
Come and join in or just enjoy the music.

You will not be disappointed.

Sunday 26th October. We see the return of ''Silver Fox''.
Playing rock, blues, jazz and soul.
If you like some slide guitar you will love this band.
Again booking is recommended.

Bar opens at 14.00. Food(Pizza/BBQ) from 14.30. Live entertainment from 15.00 to 18.00.
The Racing Club is on the main Torrox Costa to Torrox Village road(MA-102).
Just look for the orange and black gates. Parking on the opposite side of the road.
Summer terrace still open. Non members most welcome. Entry free.
For more info or to make a reservation contact Luis on 654 715 382.

House for rent in Canillas de Albaida

A village house in the village of Canillas, this house has a small garden with land at the side , so ideal if you have pets.
It has 2 bedrooms and parking.
300 per month plus electric.
Available from 1st Nov
To view call 637716703 or

Wanted - Pressure Washer

I am looking for a pressure washer - Kearcher!
In good condition please. I need it for cleaning carpets.
Reasonable price.
Françoise - 660.212.649

For Sale 1st Year Bachillerato Text Books

Following year 1 Bachillerato books for sale at 12 euro each
Matematicas 1 - Santillana press - Miguel Antonio et al.
Filosofia y Ciudadania 1 - Anaya press - I Izuzquiza et al.
Biologia y Geologia 1 - SM press - Emilio Pedrinaci et al.
telephone after 2pm 634 454 234 or email: towellfamily @ hotmail . com (located in Nerja)

For Sale X-Box 360 Elite

20 euro.
In need of repair!
This X-Box 360 elite 120 GB needs a new disk tray.
I believe you can buy spares online and follow a youtube tutorial - but it is a bit beyond me!
You are welcome to come and view it.
 Based in Nerja.
Please phone after 2pm 634 454 234
or email:  towellfamily @ hotmail . com

For Sale Lamp

Enhance your Patio or Garden with this elegant lamp, in working order,
good condition
will take 3 flower pots
makes a stunning display

45 euro ono, torrox/competa area

For sale - electric flame effect heater

Full working order, gives off a good heat, a little rust on the black metal stand. 
Two heat settings.

For sale at EUR 25,00.
Please call Nikki on 627 654 574
or email

For Sale Coffee Set & Platters

11 coffee cups with 11 plates (Vista Alegre Cambridge)
1 coffee pot  (Vista Alegre Cambridge)
1 milk jug  (Vista Alegre Cambridge)
Total Coffet set real value: 468€ - For sale: 200€
1 tea pot, yellow and blue  (Vista Alegre Castelo Branco) real value: 70€ - For sale: 35€
1 blue and red squared platter (Vista Alegre Nankin) real value: 50€ - For sale: 25€
2 blue squared cross form platters (Vista Alegre Margao) real value: 50€ - For sale: 25€/each2 blue rectangular platters (Vista Alegre Margao) real value: 50€ - For sale: 25€/each
2 big blue octagonal platters (Vista Alegre Margao) real value: 140€ - For sale: 70€/each
2 big blue and yellow round platters  (Vista Alegre Castelo Branco) real value: 20€ - Forsale: 10€/each
sonia at axarquiatropical dot com

Monday, 20 October 2014

Lost Boy

This little Lhasa Apso dog was found in the Pago Imaroga/La Noria area of the campo near Nerja in a bit of a messy state with lots of brambles and thorns matted into his fur. 
A quick vet examination shows that he is in good health and a Good Samaritan has paid to have him groomed and vaccinated. 
We have called this little lost boy Keifer and he is about 1 year old and, unfortunately, he is not microchiped or castrated.
If you know of anyone who has lost this dog please contact Seacrest Kennels at 95 252 1426. 
Or if you are willing to foster or provide a permanent home for Keifer, with the understanding that his owner may come forward at a later date, please contact us.Thanks.
Laura and Kurt        Seacrest Kennels, Nerja

Kittens Needing Homes

These two kittens are now old enough to go to their new homes!!
Please call 952030264 or email me

Sales agents required for claims management company

We work in the Claims Management Industry providing Leads to our Partner National Solicitors Firm based in the UK.
Our Agents actively discover Potential Clients who have had a Personal Injury OR  Road Traffic Accident that wasn't their fault within the last 3 years, and would like to make a compensation claim!
 For every lead / client that qualifies, we pay a commission of between 100 to 150 Euros per qualified claim, paid weekly!
 Some of our Self employed Agents use their own methods of obtaining data or discovering clients, and some use the data we provide them, most of our Agents are providing us with between 3 to 8 claims a week each!
 If you would like to know more then please contact Tom on 632 474 550 with our regards!

The Complete Video service

We offer a complete video/audio service.
We can transfer your favourite videos on to DVD’S.(Std/Hd) All formats. VHS. SVHS, VHSc, HI8, H8.DV, AVCHD, Mini Card. DVD/VIDEO copying.
Only 10 Euros per hour of video. Conversion Pal/Ntsc/Secam.
Slides to Dvd. Cine film to Dvd. Audio cassettes converted to MP3 format, transferred to CD or other media.
Free collection & delivery Nerja area.
Discounts available for quantity.
Tel Richard 659458020 or for a quotation. Visit our website for details of all our service

Recipes Please

Hello friends and relatives,
A few friends are concocting a cookery book to help raise money for the very worthy charity called CUDECA.
 It is a Spanish Hospice for all who suffer with cancer, and their relatives, to have access to vital support, counselling, doctor and nurse home visits and a beautiful place to end their days calmly and quietly.
Our aim is to have a cookery book with all kinds of easy recipes for soups,cakes, bread, starters, main meals, desserts, smoothies, etc. etc.
We plan to publish the recipes in Spanish as well as English and I am asking you to send me a favourite recipe (using metric measures please).
As Competa has a huge number of expats from many countries, it will be great to include as many nationalities as possible.
Also, if you have allergies to any food then please label the recipe as: gluten free, lactose free, (garlic free - my husband´s request!), etc.
We can´t guarantee your particular recipe will be used but if it is then your name will be acknowledged.
I am eagerly waiting your replies and recipes.
Yummy regards from Jo Robinson

Dangerous Dog - Responses

(1) I would suggest to the couple who are having problems with this mad dog, that you carry some sort of weapon, ie a baseball bat, because next time it might be you that is attacked.
I am very sorry for the lady whose dogs have been killed. Having been a witness for a friend who took someone to court for being bitten by their dog, I would urge all the people who've had problems to make denuncias to the police. This gets the problems embedded in the Spanish legal system. By all means go to the mayor with a petition if nothinghappens, but it's the police who have to take action. If I remember correctly, it's the Guardia Civil you have to go to, as they have jurisdiction, not the municipal police. The wheels of Spanish grind, but unfortunately exceeding slow.
I see that Go Vegan are on Tripadvisor. You and others could always leave comments of your experience there?
Good luck!
Like many I am sure, I am appalled by the inability of this dogs owners to restrain it. They clearly are not caring people. I would be more than happy to sign any petition calling for action to control it. How long before a human is killed? I am immensely impressed by the restraint in the language used by Jennifer concerning this heartbreaking occurrence - I am quite sure the language I would have used would have been mostly unprintable!  Nigel.

Spanish Car Kit - response

Lots of reasonably good info on web, but even from these usually "reliable" sources inconsistencies can arise.  
If in doubt, more is better. 
While in a Uk vehicle just visiting one may get away with less, in a Spanish registered vehicle two triangles and two reflective vests plus a small first aid kit would seem to fit the bill and be safest and most
as cheap-as-chips.

Transport UK-Spain-UK - Responses

UK Spain removals recommendations
We recently used Spain-UK-Spain (CLS LTD)
and found them to be reasonable and efficient.
R Costantini
+34   605 303 726
We are Cathy and Alan and you may have seen our ad on Digame before and we have helped quite a few Digamites with their transport requirements. We travel back to the UK twice a month and are currently in the UK. We are due to return around the 2nd. November and have 2 cubic meters available. Our UK telephone no is 07798745917 and if you would like to give us a call or send us an email to with your requirements, I'm sure we can be of help.
Kind Regards
Cathy and Alan
I have just recently used, Cathy & Alan to export a desk top computer and screen.
They were by the far the most competitive. Excellent and prompt service.
Contact them on 630391327 or their English mobile 07798745917. or email

Making a Denuncia - Responses

Denuncing people is a free & simple process.
You just report the person/people to the Guardia Civil. But & there is always a but! Don't hold your breath. Go armed with evidence & a bus load of witnesses, otherwise you will be wasting your time.
Also this urban myth about three strikes and your out, is exactly that, a myth. I believe the charity T.A.I.L, have denunced someone over animal cruelty & verbal abuse towards one of the staff, to be told that the latest denuncia would be filed with the 20 plus other denuncias they have on this person.
From personal experience I would advise to be very careful when making a denuncia.  It is not like the UK, if the case gets to court one does not swear an oath to tell the truth and the other party will most definitely lie as it is in their interest to do so.  Therefore unless you have witnesses to the incident/accident, you are at the mercy of the court.  If you are two foreigners with a disagreement, you won’t stand a hope in hell as the court just wants the matter off their list. There are 2 types of denuncia, criminal and civil.
Criminal you denounce at the Guardia Station in your area and the civil at an Abogado.
To make a denuncia go to the Guardia Civil opposite mercadona in Nerja take all relevant details, passport, n.i.e. Cert, tel, no, e,mail address ect, and make your complaint to one of the officers
If you do not speak perfect Spanish take an interpreter with you as the are very impatient
with foreigners. I know all this to be correct as I have just spent the morning doing a denuncia
There is no charge
Sam Sloan

Scruffs Dog Show coming.....

Scruffs is on Saturday the 8th November (at the Sunday market site in Nerja)
We welcome a large variety of stalls and have space still for more.  
Would you like to sell your wares ?
Tables and chairs provided, no charge for stall space however a donation to CAS at the end of the day would be appreciated.
Emai or call  Maree on 619965025 to book

Supplier of Palm Trees Needed Please

Dear Digamites
Please  can anyone recommend a good place to buy a variety of palm trees?
Nerja, Torrox, Algarobbo, Caleta,  Velez Malaga  and Torre del Mar area.
Please reply to digame.
digametorrox @

Storage Facility Available : Short or Long-term.

We offer a very economic way to store your goods and furniture etc for a short or long-term period.
We have 2 storage facilities, both very secure and fully-insured.
One is in La Herradura and the other in Almuñecar.
Please contact us either by e-mail ( )
or by phone  602483027 to discuss your needs.
Thankyou.  Nigel Taylor.

Unclaimed Raffle Prizes from Patchwork Exhibition

After a very successful Patchwork Exhibition in Vinuela last weekend, we have two unclaimed raffle prizes
The outstanding tickets are PINK 81  and PINK 114
If you have either ticket - contact me :-

What´s on Trapiche Market Today!

What´s on Potter's Bar Quiz

Dave Jamieson will be hosting his weekly quiz in Potters Bar, Nerja, tonight, Tuesday, October 21, starting at 8.00pm.
There's a prize for the winning team and a light tapa during the interval, all for just 2.00 euros entry per player.
Any size team can enter, but teams with fewer than four members get bonus points to start, while teams of more than six (and the previous week's winners) begin with penalty points.
Potters Bar is on Calle Andalucia, down the road from and on the opposite side to the Hotel Villa Flamenca in Nerja.
Last week's quiz was busy yet again so booking a table is essential! Ring Potters Bar any evening on 95 252 2287. We don't like turning people away!

What's on - Beekeeping Course in English

beekeeping course in English next April the 25th organized by the Malaga beekeeping association.

What´s on Chi-Kung and Tai Chi

Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00. Campo de futbol San Roque-Torrox pueblo - Competa Road.
Price: 5 Euros per lesson.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:30.
The old town hall´s garden, opposite the police station. Torre del mar.
Price: 5 Euros per lesson. 
Very important note! Please, ring or email me before coming to tai chi class so I can confirm with you the details.
Phone number: 633-364-400

What's on - Excursion to Fuengirola Salon Varieties Theatre

The Phoenix Club are off for an evening show at The Salon Varieties Theatre in Fuengirola
on Saturday 15th November, to enjoy the Legends of Rock 'n' Roll. 
Timeless hits from the
50s and 60s including Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Paul Anka, and many more plus special guests.
Come with us and let the coach take the strain of driving and parking!!
Date?  Saturday 15th November 2014
Time?  Depart Algarrobo Lidl at 16.00 (gives plenty of time for supper before the show or 
a tootle about town) returning at 23.00 from Fuengirola
Price? €27pp includes, coach fare, theatre ticket and driver's gratuity
Payment on booking essential and it will prove popular, so early booking essential.  Don't miss out.......

For more information or to book call Gail on 951067723, email or catch us on the web at 
The Phoenix Club is a registered association raising funds for 3 local charities and Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every tuesday (bar bank holidays) at the restaurant above Supersol in Torre del Mar between 12.15 and 1.30. 
Bookings/payments can be made from 11.45 onwards.


Holiday and Short term Rentals 4 bed villa 3 bed apartment.
Panoramic Sea Views, 4 beds 3 baths private pool and terrace overlooking The Costa.
From £295 a week sleeps 8 people.
Also available a 3 bed apartment next door from £125 a week.
Contact John 608 662 717.

Rental wanted for 12months +

We are looking for a villa, house or cortijo to rent in early 2015 (Feb/March onwards).
We would like 2/3 bedrooms, pool and garden.
No further back than Sayalonga/ Almachar and between Rincon and Almunecar.
We are a responsible retired professional couple.
We are coming out to view properties in Dec.
Please contact Stuart and Pauline on stuart dot rains at gmail dot com


Writing DeskN
erja area. 62222 1429
(Thanks! Anna)

Wanted freezer or fridge please

Wanted  freezer or fridge please


Wanted running machine and a exercise bike,
Also -
 Rowing Machine
please contact us please by email

Wanted - Shed

We are looking for a garden shed to buy, any size.
Contact email holisticworld2012 at hotmail dot com

For Sale - Karcher & Sprayers

Pressure washer KB3030
40 Euros.

25 euros each.

Peter 636122319.

For Sale iPhone

We are selling our iPhone 4s 16gb in black.
Comes with its box and charger.
Unlocked, currently used on Hits mobile and when in UK, Vodafone.
No marks on it in great condition.
We are waiting for our new nano sim card to come for our new phone, it should be here next week sometime.
We will let our iPhone 4s go when we are able to use our new sim in our new phone, so anyone interested phone Tom on 634 326 795.
We are situated very close to Vinuela.
Priced at 130€ no offers as this can be sold to 02, mazummobile, or gadgets recycled and get just over £100, so I would take £100 for it.
As well as the phone number email
As I said this will be available before next weekend, we are just waiting for our Nano sim from hits.
Then we can let this go, however if it's not sold by next Sunday 26th October it will go to UK to be sold to one of the the aforementioned companies.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

How to Advertise or place any item on Digame

How to Advertise or place any item on Digame click the Continued>>> prompt please
How to place an article on Digame!
Below is the "official" information about putting things on Digame.

Lost Cat ? Needs a Home

This is Kleo she came over to our house about 2 weeks ago.
 I am looking after her now but I am moving out on the end of this month (October) and I won’t be able to take her with me.

She is very beautiful and playful cat gets on well with other cats and dogs.
She deserves good home.
She is about 5 months old.
If you can give her loving home please call Joanna at 646862510

Killer Dog on La Mata, Competa

Just a few short months ago I wrote to Digame to inform the people in the area of La Mata, Competa that my small dog had been attacked and killed by a huge white dog that is owned by ‘Go Vegan’ who live on La Mata. 
We went to the Local police at the time, they were very helpful and they visited the owners of this monster animal at least 4 times and eventually could not persuade them to agree to do anything more permanent than keeping the dog restrained and contained. 
The arrogant unfeeling owners have allowed the dog to roam again and now it has killed our other sweet wonderful rescue dog. 
My husband was walking our dogs this morning when they were attacked by this same animal, he was able to keep one of our dogs out of harm’s way but the other was mortally injured and my husband suffered bites to his hand. 
This must stop and we beg the Mayor and officials in Competa to act to protect both dogs and people from this animal, it has the taste of blood and no right thinking society should allow it to roam free.
 I received 4 reports of other animals that had been killed or injured by the same dog after my last missive to Digame . 
I will be organising a petition to the Ayuntamiento if nothing is done in respect of our denuncia to rid us of this dangerous dog.
Let us hope good sense prevails.
Jennifer Herrick-Weatherstone
(Ed. What a ghastly story! Totally avoidable. Good luck and keep us informed please. Jane)