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Thursday, 17 September 2015

From Digame to DigameXtra - Don't get left behind

DigameXtra Re-launched !

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

From Digame to DigameXtra - Don't get left behind

DigameXtra Re-launched !

There will be no more Type One Digame Newsletters or updated Website, Twitter or Facebook activity.
We are fortunate not to have encountered more problems with the Blogspot software – which has not been supported by Microsoft for quite some time. We have “left the ship before she finally sank”

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Today is X Day – DigameXtra Re-launched !

There will be no more Type One Digame Newsletters or updated Website, Twitter or Facebook activity.
We are fortunate not to have encountered more problems with the Blogspot software – which has not been supported by Microsoft for quite some time. We have “left the ship before she finally sank”

Please come with us to DigameXtra
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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Dog seeking a permanent home

Just look at this Beautiful Boy.
We just can´t understand why he hasn't been snapped up as he really would make the perfect family pet.
Meet Bracken (AAR 1152).
Bracken was found in the campo terrified, skinny and exhausted.
Well, just look at him now!
Born November 2014 he is a Spanish greyhound/podenco/terrier mix.
Now in a loving foster home, Bracken is a very happy, confident, loving and gorgeous boy.
He is active, playful and full of love. He gives the very best cuddles.
He has learned his basic commands and can sit, stay and walks well on the lead.
He is very bright and so eager to learn.
He is just so full of life and love and lives every day to the full.
He is great with children and other dogs.
It is so wonderful to see a puppy who was so terrified develop into a confident and happy boy.
If you adopt him, he really will bring joy and laughter and love into your life every single day.
Bracken is castrated and has all his vaccinations.
He can be adopted here in Spain, UK or elsewhere in Europe.
Email for more photos or if you would like to meet the lovely Bracken.

Little Dog - who is he ?

This little dog has been visiting us for the last couple of months. 
Do you know who he is, does he belong to you or a neighbour?  
He is very well behaved, has been chipped to someone in Arenas who gave him away to someone in the Competa area.

We are leaving Spain soon and just want o be sure he has a permanent home.

Please call 952553553 with any information.   Thanks.

Abandoned Kitten Needs a Home

 This abandoned kitten need home desperately.

Please contact to:


Regarding today's post about termites in Torrox Park, termite treatment (and hopefully eradication) will be a lot more complicated than anything a carpenter can do.
Although their favourite food is wood (door frames which they attack through the building sub floor), furniture, picture frames - they also voraciously work their way through concrete (as a lady I know discovered to her horror in her bathroom recently).
Don't rely on amateur solutions - DIY sprays or anyone who suggests a "cheaper alternative" treatment. The only reliable solution is through a specialist firm, your local ayuntamiento can put you in touch.
This may well involve fumigation of the property in addition to treatment of all timbers.

Spanish Blog

Hi Jane - thank you so much for drawing our attention to Tamara's blog - I linked to it an hour and a half ago, just for a quick look, and couldn't tear myself away. 
Beautifully written, full of insightful and downright sensible opinions - and I improved my Spanish too (though my grasp of the subjunctive is obviously sadly lacking!).
Well done Tamara. 
I highly recommend this blog (though perhaps not for the moaning Minnie's who think the Spaniards should give up centuries of tradition to accommodate the narrow views of the ex-pat/immigrant/extranjero - call them what you will; Tamara describes it beautifully in Blog 29.

Clinica Casa Blanca celebrates the 7th Anniversary on the 15th September.

Clinica Casa Blanca is a Therapy Centre for Osteopathy, Massage, Pain Therapy,
Lymphatic drainage, Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy and more …
The owner Bianca is an Osteopath and Therapist.
She opened her Therapy Centre in September 15th of 2008.
As a special offer Bianca is offering a 20% discount on treatmentsfor the first 10 clients who make an appointment in the week from September 14th until the 18th.
(The offer is valid for 1 session if you book at least 2 sessions)
Clinica Casa Blanca Torrox Costa
Urb. Jardines del Mar (Peñoncillo)
Bloque C 3 Torrox-Costa
Tel.: 659 374 673  or:  952 967 628


For once Cheers Keith has got it absolutely right. 
We all use the services of unlicensed, unregistered, unrecognised, even illegal, people at some point, mostly to avoid paying a fair price for a fair job. 
We want to avoid the VAT, we want to help someone just starting out, a bit of nepotism along the way maybe to help a youngster start a career, we don’t want the establishment getting hold of our money. 
We are all guilty and we deserve everything we get. 
Pay 15 euros an hour to a mate who used to be a mechanic, instead of 30 an hour to a Spaniard who has to comply with all sorts of regulations; endless people living under the radar doing “airport runs” for 50 euros who aren’t insured to be driving paying passengers and again don’t pay their dibs like the professionals. 
Gardeners, painters, cleaners, even translators, Spanish “teachers" - are they professionals who can be held accountable for shoddy workmanship or the wrong word in the wrong place? 
I have always wondered what Madam Editor’s stance is on adverts from people who are effectively offering illegal services?
 I don’t blame her, its the way of the world, but where would we be if nobody paid taxes?
Madam Editor replies :- Hi Ted. Yes I do include lots of ads for services offered. 
2 reasons.
First, I don't have the time to respond to each advertiser asking what their level of  legality is -  and -
Secondly, I give everyone who emails me the benefit of the doubt. 
People should be aware of the possibilities you highlight. Thanks

Phone Number Needed Please

Does anyone have  Mervyn Birds telephone number, I have email address but need the telephone number urgently.
Please answer to this blog, many thanks
Karen Torrox
digametorrox @

Looking for a Yogi

Yoga teacher required for 2-3 days in November- 1 hour sessions to instruct 8 ladies in Torrox pueblo.
Tel 699600847 - Paul or Vicki.
email- fellowsoneeightsix at hotmail dot com

IP TV - responses

we are with Movistar and we had someone from Telefonica here this morning to try and resolve the same problem as you and he more or less said hard luck we can't do anything about the slow speed,
it drives us mad trying to watch TV
IPTV Providers - Question
Let us just clarify what this means:-
If a network is fast enough to keep up with playback and there are no breaks in the data then buffering is not necessary.
However over the Internet data packets can traverse numerous routers from source to destination and delays can be introduced at any point.
The effect of this is that with video streaming (TV etc.) a good IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) box introduces a few seconds delay to incoming data.
Once this few seconds is used up – buffered – then there is a high probability that the picture on the TV is interrupted until the data has caught up.
Movistar generally offers a fast reliable service
BUT depending where you are that may be different.
Questions to be asked
Do you receive your internet on a fixed line or over WiFi
How fast is your internet (TV requires a steady stream of at least 2 Mbps)
Is the problem all day or only in the evening
You need to check the speed and linearity of your connection with a computer with the TV off.
Use the very good web site recommended by Dr Laptop
Check several times during the day and evening
Also you need to check using a specialised PING programme that you are not losing data due to a poor Internet connection
Are you using a good TV service with local servers or any one of the free services in the UK. I would not recommend the free services as they are reported to be unreliable.
How well does your IPTV box cope with Internet data – one of the best boxes is the MAG250 or the later version MAG254
Is your network congested due to too many people using TV Streaming!
Once you have determined that your Internet connection is not as good as it used to be then contact your ISP.
If you want any more advice or help drop me a line
roger43 at gmail dot com. I am in the La Vinuela area
Because iptv is relatively new and Internet generally here in Spain is not that fast and Internet connections can be intermittent and too many users on a particular server, there will always be some buffering.  There are alternatives.
If you want to know more send an email to
Kind regards
In response to your question about IPTV and buffering I must say that I bought it
when it first came out albeit I was then living in Estepona and still deal with the same CO but have always been very happy with the service
Yes one or two hiccups in the last nearly 3 years but I just ring  my server and it is immediately rectified  Also they have just changed server and I now receive an extra 100 channels, including Eurosport
 So am very happy
Regards Ruth G

Services Available

French speaking lady  offers to translate French into Spanish.
Also,I offer my services for private lessons.(French )
Please feel free to contact me:

Services - Damp & Mildew Advice

We had this.
 The roof space between the roof and the ceiling should be vented. 
This is doneusually with a patterned air brick, some times with wire gauze to keep out the wasps nesting
in the roof space.
Cover these air vents in such a way, that they let in air, but not Rain.
Guttering is important and make sure the gutter water is dispersed well away from the house.
When a friend had this problem they simply left the wardrobe doors ajar and it didn't occur again.
Don't seal up the bedroom by keeping the doors shut either as there needs to be air circulation to stop the mildew forming.

What's On - Excursion

The Phoenix Club is off on Friday 13th November for a pre-Christmas visit to La Canada shopping centre in Marbella. 
Plenty of time to shop till you drop, have lunch then a quick trolley dash around Iceland which is only a hop, skip and a jump away. 
We leave Algarrobo Lidl at 0900 hours returning from Fuengirola at 17.00 hours
Date:  Friday 13th November
Price?  €15pp coach & drivers gratuity included
Time?  Starting at 0900 at Algarrobo Lidl
For more information or to book call Mary on 951066684,
email or catch us on the web at 
The Phoenix Club is a registered association raising funds for 3 local charities and Help4Heroes in the UK. 
We meet every tuesday (bar bank holidays) at the bar restaurant La Vega in Torre del Mar between
12 noon and 2pm. 
Bookings/payments can be made from 12.15 onwards.

What's On - Excursion

 The Phoenix Club is off on Friday 20th November to the new centre at Malaga Port.
 Come and visit this beautiful city, hop on a bus to see the sights or join us on a boat trip around Malaga bay.
We leave Algarrobo Lidl at 0900 hours returning from Malaga at 17.00 hours
Date:  Friday 20th November
Price?  €14.50pp coach & drivers gratuity included OR
€25pp for the coach & boat trip which includes tapas and a glass of wine on board - very civilised dahlings!!
Time?  0900 at Algarrobo Lidl
For more information or to book call Mary on 951066684, email or catch us on the web at
The Phoenix Club is a registered association raising funds for 3 local charities and Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every Tuesday (bar bank holidays) at the bar restaurant
La Vega in Torre del Mar between 12 noon and 2pm. 
Bookings/payments can be made from 12.15 onwards

For Sale - gas bottles

4 orange empty gas bottles.
9 euros each or 4 for 30 euro.
Canillas de Albaida
637716703 or
janebs @

For Sale Blue sky

Blue sky vac for sale complete with tools and spare bags. 

phone 618640090.
Torrox Campo.

Buyer collect can meet at BP garage .

For Sale - Butano

Empty Orange butano
for 10€
pizzicatss @

Friday, 11 September 2015

Advice please: Wardrobe Damp & Mildew on Clothing.

How does one avoid damp in Wardrobes resulting in Mildew on clothing etc. ?
Location, seaside, Benajarafe.
Responses to :-
Johnnerding at lawyer. Com

IPTV Providers - Question

Are there any people experiencing buffering problems with their TV and their providers say its a Movistar streaming problem not their problem?
Answers to Digame please

Spanish Blog - Response to recommendation yesterday

Aww, shucks!  Thanks Jane, I'm blushing now! 
I should just add that it's not always weekly, but should be a couple of times a month.
 I don't write if there's nothing worth saying. 
The short link to it is
and people can subscribe so it pops into their email inbox as soon as a new post is published. 
Thanks again!

Cleaning of Plastic Sun Loungers - Thanks

I would just like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my request for cleaning of white plastic sun loungers.
 I will try all the suggestions but hope the first one does the trick as some sound like hard work.!! 
Many thanks.  Carol


We returned from England 2 days ago and discovered that we had a water leak from our solar powered tank. 
By chance we were introduced to Geoff and Maria of Casa Solutions, Torrox Park,
Yesterday Geoff and Maria arrived at our house with a solar heating expert and the problem was solved almost immediately.
We also have some very busy termites devouring our woodwork and a carpenter is coming in 2 days.
Geoff is English and Maria is Spanish so that there are no communication problems.
A wonderfully prompt service and we highly recommend them.
Tel. Nos.
652 603 864   or  646 789 450.
Di and Roger, Torrox Park

Corrections of the Minutes of the AGM of the APARiV Dog Resfuge Charity

Annual General Meeting ("AGM") Called for Association Members of APARiV (Dog Refuge), notice received Sept. 3rd:
Meeting: Friday, September 18, 2015 – 18:00 at Hotel Rinconsol, Rincon de la Victoria.
The good news : the AGM is finally taking place - it's overdue and should have happened latest the 3rd quarter of 2014. The bad news :  there were no supporting documents  (allowing proper review before the AGM) accompanying the notice. Plus, there is an agenda item to vote for Board members, which the Association statutes themselves (Art. 15) say have to be subject of an Extraordinary General Meeting ("EGM").
We’re sharing this notice on digame for 2 reasons. The first and most important one is that historically APARiV hasn’t known exactly who their members are and notifications of this type haven't always been delivered to everyone in the past. We want to ensure that notice of the meeting reaches all members out there, especially those in the English-speaking community. The AGM Agenda was only produced in Spanish and is signed by the President, Dolores McNevin (mobile 657 219 269). The second reason is we want to illuminate the problems with what the intended agenda items are.
To read more follow the <More> prompt bellow

VTAR Signs

After my post in which I was looking for a place where to make a plate “VTAR”, I got the  following answer  from Eline (who I warmly thanks!):
"I had a look online and found that even the Spanish are quite puzzled as to where to get these signs. Apparently some companies make them (where you can order ‘Rotulos’ etc.
I found this:"
 Then I contacted  the following workshop making rotulos:
Todos y Rotulos Studio- M (Antonio Maldonado)
Calle Duque de Ahumada s/n (pasaje)
Torre del Mr
29740 Velez-Malaga
T: 952 540191

Fireworks, Dogs & Spanish Customs

Editor writes : Please note :- I shall publish no more contributions on this theme. Please do not send me any emails on the subject. Jane
Reading the latest Digame I'm a bit uncomfortable with the usual fall back advice given to anyone who finds themselves affected by 'local customs' here in 'delightful Andalucia'. 
You know, if you don't like it  - 'move'. 
 On the face of it that sounds logical but there is another consideration.
 This 'delightful Andalucia' would be a destitute desert without the 8.5 Million tourists who bring their wealth to the region each year in search of the sun. 
Also, those 'Migrants' mainly from the North who have chosen to live here have signed up to the bureaucratic Spanish system, hold Spanish identity cards, drive with Spanish driving licences, pay Spanish taxes, own Spanish homes and I would argue, own as much right to call the country theirs as anyone living here. 
This is the EU you know.  Since Britain is a net contributor to the EU you could also say that much of the infrastructure has been paid for by that generous nation, including those silly signs on posts in the campo that show a picture of where you are.
Many of these same 'Migrants' rescue and pay for the tens of thousands of dogs that are dumped as a 'local custom' in rubbish bins or thrown out of cars on motorways.  
All one can say about the 'custom' of Candelaria is that the local peasants cannot be starving if they can afford to let off fireworks for three days at all hours of the day and night. 
Unlike many of the dogs !
Well said, Guy, regarding the Andalucian harvest festivals.
Don't the British have Guy Fawkes Night,  with attendant bonfires and fireworks?
People keep their animals inside for the duration, don't they?
I heartily concur with Guy.
How very dare immigrants to Spain, or anywhere for that matter, start to kick off about traditional culture in another land.
Pack up your tents and return from whence ye came, if you don't like it.
These begrudgers are the very first to raise howls of protest if immigrants to their land of birth want to alter their way of life,  even when they no longer live there.
The Daily Mail has a lot to answer for.
What a load of codswallop from Guy.
Presumably if all fiestas which are traditional are to be sacrosanct, then he is in favour of the Festival de Toro de las Vegas, a medieval fiesta against which there is a large demonstration in Madrid this weekend, that other local celebration where tar and straw are tied to a bull’s horns and set alight and all whoop with delight as the animal becomes demented
Or another village -  where chickens are buried in sand with just their necks above and you win if you can slice one off with a horseshoe.
As regards the Candelarias which originally  was slightly more akin to old England’s May Day celebrations, but at harvest time, (read “Memories of Torrox” by Rafael Gonzalez Ortega) it now sounds more like cannon fire in a battle zone and is spread over three four or five days as each cortijo has it’s own party.
Perhaps Guy is one of those people who believe as we live in a foreign country we should accept things as they are, well sir, I don’t.
Purely as an irrelevant aside I have lived in Spain for more than 30 years.
Sue W
I agree with Guy’s comments.
The attraction of living here in Torrox is that it has its own unique culture.
Changing that is neither possible nor desirable. I can imagine what people in the UK would say if incomers tried to get Guy Fawkes Night stopped.
My dog hates the fireworks too. We go away for a couple of nights, hardly a problem.
Hello Guy,
an answer, not in a good English, sorry.
I think, you don´t know a lot about the traditions here...
like the most Spanish inhabitants too, they also cannot tell you reason for the fiesta Candelaria.
 It´s only "costumbre". (I think it is a form of "thanksgiving" after the grape harvest)
We have a lot of Spanish friends and were invited for the Candelaria very often. It is one night or the weekend; the family go to the Cortijo, a lot of good food, drinking (wine, no whiskey) , singing, mostly ballads and musicdone with "zambombas".
At 12.00 they blow in large mussels to give greeting to all the neighbours in the "Campo" - in earlier time there did not exist mobiles, you know?
One good and noisy night, a lot of fun with family and friends, no problem.
That was traditional. But: no bombs , firework or Techno-Music for the whole valley.
This good tradition changed. The young Spaniards did this, not the foreigners!
This year we had nearly five nights without a normal sleep!
It starts Thursday afternoon, on Friday and Saturday every 5-10 minutes a bang, some like cannons.
No sleep in the night, no sleep in the afternoon.
We hoped, that Sunday night it would be finished, but it went on at  Monday, Tuesday...
Why should it be funny to make a noise like in a war?
There are younger parents who gave the fireworks to their children - and they themselves went back to their townhouse to have a sleep. The children can stay in the Cortijo, not to disturb them. - Danger of fire?  "No te preocupe, tenemos piscina..."
I will not talk about the poor animals - about the dogs, or the birds (one is still alive) or the horses (the spanish horses owners hate the bangs too!).
I think you like the bullfights, the fox-hunting, tricks of trained bears and other traditional stuff
I only will ask you, who is the ignorant? Who has to move?
Regards Bernado

What's on The Grand Auction on September 12 at Varadero Bar Playzo Beach Nerja at 4 pm

The Grand Auction on September 12 at Varadero Bar Playzo Beach Nerja at 4 pm
We have a fantastic number of  over 200 items donated for us to sell.
Your donations help feed and pay Vets bills for the many unwanted and stray animals in this area.
Diana Carter on 952 523 985
All proceeds go to 
Costa Animal Society.

What's On - Acoustic Roots Tonight

Acoustic Roots and special guests One Point Five (fantastic jazz & blues duo)
are playing at the Teteria in Competa tonight Saturday 12th September from 8.30pm.
To reserve a table call 951 707638.

What's On The Organic Market

The Organic Market at Garden Centre Viveros El Algarrobo in La Vinuela will be opening its doors again this Saturday 12th September.
Many of our regular stalls will be back including fruit and veg, bread, pies and cakes, olive oil, jams and marmalades, flours, seeds and pulses, as well as new stalls with an exciting range of products, including handcrafts, henna tatooes and paintings.
We are open every Saturday from now on, from 10 til 2 o'clock withe the organic and crafts market, and are planning our Autumn Fest for October with music, workshops and great food.
Viveros El Algarrobo can be found on A356 heading towards La Vinuela at kilometre 39 opposite the Canillas de Aceituno turning.
Google link
655 987 105

What's On

On Sunday, 13. of September the government of Torrox organize the 1. International Pilates & Yoga day.
Come along and try out different classes of Pilates & Yoga with different teacher or get a massage.
For more information call Kiki
send an email to

What's On Marc´s Sunday Roast @ bar Ateneo

Avenida de Espana, Los Llanos, Torrox-Costa
Tel; Marc 610631486 or Christian 645697471
Sunday 13th September 1:30pm to 8pm
Sunday Lunch
(Supplement €1.50 for Lamb)
Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment due to limited space per sitting.
See phone numbers above or call in.
Thank you Christian

What's On Cinemas in English

What's On Cinemas in English (thanks to Doug))
Ricki & The Flash - Dir. Jonathan Demme. With Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline. Daily 16:20.

The Visit - Dir. M. Night Shyalaman. With Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould. Daily 20:10.
Ricki & The Flash, A Perfect Day, Fantastic Four, Mission Impossible, Pixels, Minions and Inside Out are all on daily. Check website for timings.

5 Flights Up - Dir. Richard Loncraine. With Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman.
Daily 17:15, 19:00, 20:45, 22:30.
While We Are Young - Dir. Noah Baumbach. With Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts. Daily 17:00, 20:40, 22:30.
My Old Lady - Dir. Israel Horovitz. With Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith. Daily 18:50, 22:20.

What's on . Excursion - Orchids

The Phoenix Club are off to Estepona on the 16th October to visit their new attraction -
The Orchid House situated in the Botanical Gardens.
It is the largest Orchid House in all Europe, bigger than the Palacio de Cristal - Crystal Palace – in the Retiro Gardens in Madrid, bigger even than anything in Kew Gardens. 
Nearly 11,000 square feet in area, the glasshouse has an overall volume of over half a million cubic feet in a modernist design.
It has three glass domes to provide natural light, the largest being 100 feet high and weighing fifty tons. Inside, apart from the thousands of trees and plants, there is a 56 foot high waterfall splashing down into the gardens, and a lake.
The gardeners have created separate areas to represent the natural environments of South America and Asia, with their own native orchids on display. Over 8,000 different species have been cultivated in the Municipal Greenhouses.
Care has been taken to select varieties that flower at different periods of the year, so that whenever you come, there will be a stunning display of orchids in flower.
The Orchid House is sitting in a 160,000 square foot Botanical Garden – another amazing feature right in the heart of a busy town.  Courtesy
Plenty of time to have a wander around Estepona old town, have a bite to eat or just stroll on their fabulous paseo.
The price?  €15 pp includes driver's gratuity
We pick up at 08.30 at Algarrobo Lidl and 08.45 at Torre del Mar bus station and returning from Estepona at 17.00
For more information on any of our trips or events call Mary on 951 066 684, email or catch us on the webb at 
The Phoenix club is a registered charitable organisation raising funds for 3 local charities and
Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every Tuesday at Bar Restaurant La Vega between 12 and 2 and you can book or pay from 12.15 onwards. 
Do pop in and meet us.

Services Wanted - Transport

We are looking to move from Velez Malaga to possibly Mallorca next year.
So - in preparation - does anyone know of a company that will transport our goods and chattels to over there?
Please reply to howee27 at gmail dot com

Services Wanted- Live-in Carer required to work in the UK

Long Term Rental Available

3 bed static home on private gated site. Lounge, dining room, kitchen, sky TV.
 Shared swimming pool. Situated between Velez Malaga and Algarrobo.
€300 pcm plus bills.
Tel. 642471461

Wanted - Coffee Filters

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy filter papers for my Bosch Coffee filter machine?
Many Thanks
John B
reply to : jon108 at Hotmail dot co dot uk

For Sale Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii for sale, comes with Wii Motion Plus attachment + Guitar Hero and guitar controller, plus a range of other games, including Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.
60 euro
Also for sale, Nintendo DS Lite, plus 10 games.
50 eur
 €100 for both.
Email for further details. Nerja Area

For Sale Casio LK-120 Key Lighting Keyboard with Stand.

Casio LK-120 Key Lighting Keyboard with Stand. Unused.
90 Euros.
Tel 633513142 or e-mail

For Sale I have 2 sets of Nikon lenses for sale.

1 Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART series from december 2015. This is the best 50mm money can buy as of now (except Zeiss at 4000€ if you don't want AF)
1 Sigma 24mm f1.8 2 years old. This is not the best 24mm money can buy (Nikon 24mm 1.4 is better but costs 3 times as much).
Still it is a fixed 24mm and is an excellent landscape lens even on older bodies.
Both can be seen in our art shop Calle Granada in Nerja
(this is a private add not a professional one)
Kate 631-38-34-16

For Sale Roller Skates

We have 5 pairs of roller skates and 3 sets of protection for sale
The pairs range from size 33, 39, 40, 40, 43 
and three of the pairs are almost brand new (the oxelos one)

 They can be seen in our art shop on Calle Granada in Nerja
(this is a private add not a professional one)
Kate 631 38 34 16

For sale - Reduced - For Sale 6 Seater Table

6 seater country style heavy wood/wrought iron dining table.
Good condition apart from a few surface scratches
Table is 150cm long x 80cm wide x 76cm high. Attractive/unusual wrought iron suspension and wooden scrolled legs. 
A real bargain as price reduced to €55 - low price as we need a quick sale as replacement being delivered imminently.
Buyer to collect from Torrox Costa (Penoncillo) - we are in a 2nd floor apartment but there is a lift!
casaianda at yahoo dot co dot uk tel 609777430

For sale Mattress

  King size, good quality sprung mattress
Very good condition and very clean.
We are selling this because we prefer a firm mattress and this is a medium
Please contact:
gillclarey at hotmail dot com. Torrox Park Area

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Jack has been found..... thanks to all

Jack has been found..... thanks to all

Play Reading Group

A few of us are going to start up a play-reading group with a view to putting on some entertainment in the future.
We will be meeting in Canillas de Albaida Cultural Rooms on Wednesday 16th September at 7.30pm. Complete with wine and nibbles! Do come along with your favourite tipple and see what we will have to offer - and - even more importantly, what you can offer us!
If you think you would be interested, especially as CAMPO/FUNCOM has now folded, please let me know and we will forward more details to you.
Kind regards from
Jo - jotom20042003 at yahoo dot com
Sandie - sandie dot hurford at gmail dot com
Sheena - ccablefam at aol dot com
Mike - mikedobsonspain at outlook dot com

Free earth acupuncture

Wanted location around Competa.
Free earth acupuncture healingof your land, garden or grounds offered in exchange for a location to teach 2 students this technique.
I am running this course this Monday 14th September and need use of your grounds from about 10am until 5 pm (the occasional cup of tea would be nice! ) 
This process would normally cost 150 euro
Benefits include,
Raises the vibration of the land
Fruit trees and flowers, fruit and flower more after this .
Lifts the energies of the people and animals living there, giving them more clarity, lighter hearts and a more gentle and loving energy to live in.
Julie Narewski
Tel. 615911471

Candalarias Festival & Lost Dog

Now I just know that this is going to cause ruptions throughout Digameland, but here goes.......
I read the item in Wednesdays Digame about a lost dog - that's sad and I hope its soon found
But then followed the tirade about 'Candalarias', the noise, fireworks, bangs etc and how it was the ignorant who did this, those with no consideration for animals!! Well, I guess I'm one of those who are 'ignorant
Before the animal loving foreigners arrived in this delightful area called Andalusia, the festivals took place, now 'immigrants' have arrived they want to change the nature and culture of the area they have chosen to live in.
No one wishes harm to animals but if you don't like the fiesta and festivals -move. If your animals are worried then take them away for the time of the festivals.
The fiesta and festivals are part and parcel of Andalucía! I'm afraid you and your pets came afterwards.

Cleaning Garden Furniture etc.

I have found, after many years of frustration and buying ‘wonder’ products that turned out to be a  useless waste of money,  the surest and most efficient way to clean and restore white furniture is with a power water pressure hose. 
Such as Karcher or Nilfisk.
 It is quick and easy, well worth buying one as it will be an annual task. 
It will be useful for so many other jobs too, like cleaning terraces, white pool edging,  the car,
persianas etc.,

Airport run etc. etc . Cautionary warning.....

.One would hope that Martin's thoughts on cab drivers is on a par with his dealings with all tradespersons. Unlicensed/unregistered plumbers, electricians, TV installers, gardeners, computer boffins et al also take food from the mouths of babes.
They also pose a risk to your bank balance if they are injured working for you.
 Renters should only deal through landlords/agents as any problems become theirs, don't fall for the 'get someone in and I'll pay you later' con.

Cheers, Keith, Iznate, wotsapninatgmaildotcom

Car Boot Nerja

You have to phone 651856390 up book a pick they will ask if you want large pitch 10e or small pitch 5e
be down there by 9 report at the gate office and they will call your name
bear in mind that when you take the car in you have to unload and drive out park your car and then go back in
I found that when I done two car boot I found it very hard to reverse into the pitch to unload
they come round later for your money take a lot of change as people give you notes even for a 2e
but i don´t take 20e notes above
take a hat and food and drink and a seat

Recommendations for Pizzas

Try "La Dama" on Calle Carabeo in Nerja....major yum !/
The best pizzas on the coast, exactly how you requested are to be found on Playa de Burriana
1st Flammkuchen - House. Tel: 952528207.
Playa decBuuriana, No2.
You will not be disappointed! 
I have started eating pizzas again, due to this restaurant.
We have always found the pizzas at Little Italy in Nerja very thin and well baked.
They start at an amazing 3.50€ - don't be put off by the low prices there, they are really good with reasonably priced drinks and pasta dishes too.
The original one in Calle Carabeo (just along from the Allsorts sweet shop) is still there but they have also opened another in C/Pintada, at the very beginning of the road (The Balcon end).
It is worth the trip from Torrox! Barbara
Starting from next week at Namasté you can enjoy excellent 100% Italian pizzas: thin, crisp and with good ingredients!
In addition, of course, to good music and other interesting activities...
Namasté es in Nerja, avenida Mediterraneo 6, (La Torrecilla, apartamentos Mediterraneo) in front of rental cars and Indian restaurant.
tel: 640.154.399

Cook Seeking Work

I am a cook seeking work - if you can help me with any work  phone Dave on 690151761
or email me on
thank you

Recommendation for Painter & Decorator

For anyone interested I thoroughly recommend the services of Axaquia make a house a home.
Although we are capable of carrying out the work ourselves, we employed Steve to Paint, repair and renew our 3 bedroom villa inside and out, top to bottom.
I have been involved in the service industry for 35 years and was very impressed not only with the quality and speed in which the work was  carried out but also the daily rate that was charged for the work undertaken and completed.
Steve is very humble and underrates the quality of his work and qualification, a true gentleman with good manners and of implacable character.
Nothing was too much trouble for him.
You can contact him on face book  Axaquria make a house a home or
Mobile 646373051 or 640301212.

Recommendation Reliable Cleaner

I would like to recommend Maria Nieves as a trustworthy and reliable cleaner.
She is Spanish - speaks some English  and happy to work hard!
Call her on 605920120 - if you can speak a little Spanish   -
or me on
952522630 -
Thanks Sue Ball


Yesterday, I had my car air conditioner serviced and the Gas changed by Chris of CPAIRCON.
Great Service, Thoroughly recommend him.
And the Air Con was difficult to locate on my car but he sorted it.
His contact details:
Chris Partington
For all your automotive air conditioning needs
Tel:  0034 649 307 966

Recommendation - Restaurant

We have family here for a holiday and they were pleased when we told them we have a wonderful Indian restaurant here in Torre del Mar.
We regularly go there, so took them along.
They were amazed and really enjoyed their lunch from the Menu del Dia selection!
It is called The Taj Mahal and It is located in the passageway off Avenida Duque de Ahumada which is the road closed off on Thursdays for the street market.
If you, like us, and our families like Indian food, give it a try!
Not expensive.
Claire and Roland

Editor Recommends

Excellent (once a week ) Blog - address below.
Such good writing & such an excellent insight into Spanish Campo Life
Suggest you consider the option to  -  "Like" it and thus getting the weekly post.


Report of the AGM for the Associated Members of APARIV Dog Refuge
Annual General Meeting ("AGM") Called for Association Members of
APARiV (Dog Refuge), notice received Sept. 3rd:
 If you would like to  read the  Minutes etc. then <Click> on the "More"
prompt below

Services Wanted

Has anyone in Digame world had any recent contact with Nick Turner of Nickturnerrefurbs, a local building and construction company working in and  around Nerja, Torrox and Competa.
We have been trying to get hold of him for the passed few weeks re some work.
If anyone can help with this request please email
 jimnurture at hotmail dot com

Services Available Tony Roam Removals

Tony Roam Removals & Light Haulage Spain to UK to Spain
We are are small removals & light haulage company that run from Cardiff South Wales to Torrox and back once a month.
We live in Casarones, just behind Torrox Pueblo and have vans going back and forth UK to Spain to UK by way of Santander Ferry if anyone would like to take advantage of some  favourable prices.
So if you have small or large items that you might like to purchase of internet sites ie Amazon, furniture world etc. and have them delivered to our depot in the Uk collection or delivery can then be made here around Torrox.
Next run back to Spain 27th September.
Next run back to UK 10th October.
Your goods are handled by us only on our vans and kept in our storage
Full loads also undertaken good prices and fully insured up to £25,000 with British Insurance.
Evidence of insurance can be supplied by email on request, hard copies always carried on vans.
email ;
Tel Spain 0034636393542  0034952115650 - UK 00447973362003

What's On - Rooters

The Rooters are playing tonight - Friday
Friday 11th September at Bar Extremena in Archez from 8.30pm.
Call 686 558 362 or 696 343 116 for a table.

What's at On Las Mayoralas

Come along for a meal or just a drink.
We are playing outdoors on the terrace.
Love to see you there.

Why not have a visit to this beautiful venue overlooking Lake Vinuela.

Take the road from the Puente Don Manuel junction A-402 towards Periana A-7204

Follow the winding road towards Periana for approx. 2 km, under the old railway bridge and after about 200 mtrs turn left at the sign Las Mayoralas.
Follow the road until you reach the first turning on your right ( Signed ) and then 100 mtrs up the hill to this stunning venue.

What's On - Restaurant

Come along to Bar Amalia for a relaxing drink on our terrace or enjoy one of our Specials,
Chicken Breast filled with leeks and served with a creamy leek sauce, potatoes and fresh vegetables, Roasted Red Pepper filled with a mixture of spinach, rice, tomato and topped with cheese or our popular Fish Pie. 
Full menu always available which includes vegetarian options.
Traditional Sunday lunch served from 1-5 PM,  choice of Topside of Beef or Lamb, homemade Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and fresh vegetables. 
Finish with homemade chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce, apple and peach crumble or bread and butter pudding served with custard.
To reserve a table give us a call on 634302480
We will be closed Monday 14th September

What's on - Football

Weekend football at Lews Torrox Costa Saturday Everton v Chelsea 13.45,
we shall show 4 games at 16.00 Man Utd v Liverpool 18.30
Sunday Sunderland v Tottenham 14.30 , Leicester v Villa 17.00
We have also started back with our Sunday Roast Beef Lamb Pork or Chicken With Roast Potatoes Yorkshire Pudding Stuffing Fresh Vegetables and Gravy phone us to book your table 952532633

What's On Multi-cultural Night of Music and Dance

Sunday October 11,
La Plaza, Canillas de Albaida from 7.30pm.

Please note this concert is on Sunday 11th October and not 4th October as advertised in some magazines.

Its absolutely free but there will be an opportunity to donate to a local charity.

Fantastic range of musicians and dancers from around the world

What's On - Socialisation & Dog Training Classes in Nerja & Velez Malaga

The Dog Academy is pleased to announce our brand new autumn and winter term of Obedience, Socialisation and Agility Classes
At El Varadero (Boatyard Bar), Playa Playazo, Nerja.
Beginners Obedience, 10am, Saturday morning, 
Agility classes, 11.30am, Saturday morning,
Advanced Obedience, every Wednesday morning at 10am.
Also at Velez Malaga,
 Centro Veterinario (365 Vets) Velez Malaga, 
Beginners Obedience, 10am, every Saturday morning,
Agility, every Monday morning, 10.00am

What's On - Trade Fair

Ladies only
We held a Share Your Wares event earlier in the year which was well received.
Do you have a business you would like to share with us, whatever it is please come along.
We are using the entrance courtyard at La Calma Playa in Chilches.
 If you are setting up a stall you will need to bring your own table( and chair if you wish to sit) -
A sun umbrella may also be beneficial dependent where you are set up, as the front courtyard is unfurnished, making it ideal for our market type event. Please ensure that the stall is not too big so we can accommodate everyone.
Please feel free to arrive early and sample the wonderful menu, views and atmosphere of La Calma Playa prior to the event - You may start setting up from 3pm onwards and the event will finish at around 6.30pm
(The venue will be closing afterwards for a private function.)
Obviously all our lovely ladies are welcome to come along and browse the stalls and socialize as per usual.
Please. please can I have confirmation prior to the event if you will be coming along with your ´wares´
Ashlyn Watts and Gaynor Procter Smith looking forward to seeing you all
Facebook link
(Editor - No Date provided - so, if interested please phone or email this organiser)

What's On Dinner n Dance at the Caves. Nerja

The Phoenix Club are celebrating again with a Dinner 'n' Dance at the Caves Restaurant in Maro.  Included in the price are drinks and canapés on arrival, a 3 course meal with wine and get your dancing shoes on and dance the night away with live music by Alan Miles.
The date?  Saturday 31st October 2015
The time?  7 for 7.30
The price? €30pp transport extra with pick-ups along the coast from Chilches through to Maro. 
Bring 10 friends and you can come for free!!
Dress code?  Smart casual for the fellas but ladies - glam up!!
For more information on any of our trips or events call Mary on 951 066 684,
email or catch us on the web at
The Phoenix Club is a registered association raising funds for 3 local charities and Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every tuesday at the bar restaurant La Vega in Torre del Mar between 12 and 2pm and you can book trips or pay from 12.15 onwards.  Do pop in and meet us.  You can find La Vega just behind the Repsol Garage on the way out of Torre towards Benajarafe.

What's On - Nerja Players

On the Opening Night of their new season (20 October 2015) the Nerja Players are producing a dramatized reading of “The  Blood Donor”, the sketch immortalized by Tony Hancock back in the 60’s.  This will take place at the Nerja Bridge Club
(the blue doors set back next to the Café Royal at the top of Avda Castilla Perez)
at 6.30 for 7.  Free entry.  All welcome. 
We “should have gone to Specsavers” but we didn’t – subsequently we are still looking for new members. 
It is not necessary to act on the stage, behind the scenes and technological personnel are all needed.  Please come and join us.


Holiday Villa Sayalonga Campo
Due to cancellation I can offer my home for 1 week at a reduced rate of 500 Euros instead of 650 Euros!
Dates between Friday 11th and Monday the 21st of September.

Sleeps max. 4. Very quiet and private. Only 1.6 km from village on good track.
Secure garden, pets allowed but do ask first.
 Normal Price 650 Euro p.w. high/ 550 mid/ 450 low season. incl. cleaning.
Inquiries janetvandam at live dot com / Tel 618989125
High: June, July, August, September Mid: October, November. April, May
Low: December, January, February, March

Rental Offered

An excellent one bedroom apartment for long term rent on Torrox Park in a very desirable area close to all amenities.
Very private not overlooked at the rear.
The apt. is available from 1st Oct. at a rate of 330 Euros per month plus utilities.
For more information and photos please contact 680 407 833 email pappapulse at gmail dot com.

Staff Wanted

Restaurant El Pino are looking for more people to join our team on Sundays.
Extra hours through out the week will also be available for the right candidates.
Various positions available.
For more information contact Paul on 659 778 105.

Wanted Coffee Filters

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy filter papers for my Bosch Coffee filter machine?
Many Thanks
John B
reply to :  jon108 at hotmail dot co dot uk

For Sale - Chest of Drawers & 2 Headboards

Chest of drawers & 2 matching single headboards in the crackle paint effect for sale

Size of chest of drawers is
Width 32 depth 15 and height 32

in Nerja area will deliver locally
Price €80

Headboards each  €20        

All 3 items for € 110
Call Amanda 680739577