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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Table-top Patio Heater for sale

Patio Heater
Gas Patio Heater for table top mounting for sale, excellent condition, currently fitted with UK gas connector but can be easily changed. 45 euros.  Tele. 952115388   Email: competapueblo at  (Competa – Torrox Road area)

Beautiful Solid Wood Sideboard & Other Items for sale


Large solid wood sideboard, very beautiful cost 400 euros accept 100 euros, selling due to house move and no room for it. The unit measures 157cm long, 48cm deep and 90cm high - it is very heavy
Orange gas bottle 15 euros
3 terracotta planters med and large 5 euros each ( all empty )
3 terracotta planters with plants  7 euros each
Competa area tel 647073114

Froggie & Lizzie looking for a home

dec liz 2dec liz

Decorative wall hanging Frog measures 16" wide and 16" long 12 €
Decorative wooden Lizard from Indonesia 95 cm long x 30cm wide colour silver 17 €
Torrox Costa, contact email:  november61 at  Tel.-625319323

Plant Pots for sale

Selection of pots, trays and holders for sale.  53 pots (up 27cm), most plastic but 7 terracotta; 35 trays (16-30 cm), 8 terracotta;   2 rectangular planters; 6 plant holders for balcony/railings etc.  Price 20€ ONO.  Proceeds to APARIV animal charity.  Email:  ceges dot 2000 at gmail dot com

Epson Compatible Ink Cartridges

Epson compatible ink cartridges for DX, SX and BX series for sale as listed below.
11 Black, 3 Red, 3 Yellow and 3 Magenta, all twenty cartridges for only €70 ono.
May fit some other models please contact for details. These were purchased recently just before my old printer died on me, and will not fit new printer.  vincent.cowlam at or ring Geoff on: 645 409 380

Bread Maker & Electric Carving Knife wanted

I have missed many opportunities when bread machines have been offered for sale & I`m still looking! must be a modern machine. Thanks!!
The carving knife is for cutting the bread when it is warm. Ha! Ha!
We live in Velez & can be contacted on 952 549 755 or 686 681 009.

Friday Night @ Bar La Casita; Torrox Costa

Bar La Casita Live Music

Johnny Hollywood plays the songs you know and love. Starts at 8.30pm - 11.30 ish. Come along and dance the night away or simply enjoy a beverage or two.

For Music Lovers

dec gitdec sax

Decorative wall hanging Guitar 30" long and 13 " wide 22 €
Decorative wall hanging Saxophone 25" long and 15" wide 18 €
Contact email:  november61 at  Tel. 625319323  Torrox Costa

This weekend at Los Amigos in Torrox Park

Friday night is Karaoke night at Los Amigos with Alan and Hilary and words up on the big screen.  Brilliant range of songs in the database and a superb collection of local singers!
On Saturday 2nd February Charlie Miller is here, back by popular demand, with his jovial, relaxed style and an excellent range of guitar music and vocals.
Los Amigos' Jam Session on Sunday night is hosted by two wonderfully talented local musicians: guitarist Vic Faulkner, of Hello fame, and keyboard player, Alf Bowman, with musical support from a galaxy of musical talent from near and far. 
All three events begin at 9pm.

My Climapool Experience - whats yours?

Just thought I would share my experience withClimapool Center on the Frigiliana road. Others may have betterstories (I hope) or similar experiences.
I Contracted this company to change a pool pump in May of last year. Two slick guys came around in Climapool suits to fit it and told me over and over how they are the best company around and that all work is 100% guaranteed. The pump was a Silent 100 Espa and the Installation and purchase cost 420Euro. It was never very silent in my opinion but since I had never had this model before I though that it was operating normally. Three months later the pump stopped working (seized). I call Climapool and they said that it must have been a "picko de luz" ie electrical overload and I woudl have to claim it on the house insurance. The house is protected from this so I knew it was not true. Anyway since the pump was under guarantee they removed it and sent it back to Espa.  It took over a six weeks and many phone calls until I the pump was repaired and eventlually refitted.  During this time I had to hand clean the pool each day (August and I had a family of eight in the house) I had to use an enormous amount of chlorine. OK.
After the repair Climapool gave me a bill for 90 euro and said it was for the re-fitting costs.  I was not happy about that and when I asked what had been the problem with the pump they said that they did not know!.  The pump when fitted still made more noise than I would expect from a new underground pump but again I was assured that all was in order and off they went.  Well here we are in January and guess what? yes the pump has seized again. Obviously the pump has faulty bearings and has had this problem from the start.  I visited the office  to report the problem and was told that I would be contacted immediately to arrange a replacement. That was two weeks ago and  after various calls I am still waiting for some service.
Apparently I cannot touch the pump without negating the guarantee, otherwise I would take it to Espa in Malaga Myself....
Meanwhile I have been quoted 270Euro for installation of the exact same new pump from a company I have been recommended in Torrox.
Basically I am disgusted with the prices and after service from the Cimapool Center in Nerja.
Hope this serves as a warning to others. Thats it rant over and thank you Digame letting me share this.  K Seal

Torrox Swimming Pool Reopens

Dear friends, We inform you that, tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 1st. the pool in Torrox will be open again. Thanks for your cooperation!!! Ayuntamiento de Torrox

Property Management and Maintenance

Hi ,I would like to offer the services of my wife and myself to anyone who needs help looking after their properties,cleaning, repairs, gardening etc. This can be for people who are here permanently or we can clean for people if they have been away and are returning after a stay abroad, so all is perfect for your return or we can look after rentals and get them ready for changeovers. Please call Kennedy or Gwendalyn on 630792368 or 608288090. References available.

Electric Guitar for sale

Hohner electric guitar for sale. Strat style, red, good condition. Only  20 euros
Tel 952516996 or 690144128  Competa

Picture Frame Moulding For Sale

Picture framer returning to the UK has for sale approx. 85 meters of top-quality frame moulding for sale.
Some in 3 meter lengths, some smaller. Black, white, oak coloured, brown, gold etc.
Perfect for artists, photographers etc. Cuts easily with any saw/mitre-saw. 2mm pic. Glass available from any local crystaleria. Make your own frames………only  40 euros the lot
Tel 952516996 or 690144128  Competa

Free Entry To Movie Premiere in Cómpeta and Free Food

Free Entry to the Movie ¨EARTHLINGS¨ In Competa (starring Joquin Pheonix), this Saturday the 2nd of February.
In the Salon de Actos under the Cómpeta Town Hall,
Times: 11a.m, 12 midday and 1p.m
Free food after each premiere
Information: 658 409 531

Entrada libre a la película y degustaciones
Entrada libre a la película EARTHLINGS en Cómpeta (Joquin Pheonix), este sábado 2 de febrero
En el Salón de actos del ayuntamiento de Cómpeta
Pases 11:00 – 12:00 – 13:00
Degustaciones después de los pases de película
Informacion: 951 066 064

Asociación Eco Oasis - Aptdo.Correos. 153 - 29754 Cómpeta Málaga - 951 066 064 - 628 777 574

Need Room for Your Visitors?

Please check my website for lodging.  It's in Danish but please don't hesitate to contact me in English:-)   Becky, email: labedabe at gmail dot com

Inner peace - In a Pocket?- a balancing view

Regarding Irene's promotion of Prem Rawat and his works. Just please be aware of this man and his massive global organisation that has made him incredibly wealthy.
Google Prem Rawad fraud/scam/ and have a good read. Like many of these brain washing cults (correct spelling), the objective is to create massive cash flows out of peoples' insecurities (think about the evangelists in the states here). This one is cashing on the fact that many people in the modern world believe that they are unhappy/stressed/confused - and surprise is the key to exchange for some money obviously.
You shouldn't be surprised to know that you have to pay for the 'keys' - the first 5 that is..then the sixth (and no doubt the key 'key') is presented 'later'. the guy cashes in globally via seminars, online preaching, DVDs - whatever. You are also encouraged to donate to Global peace funds, global event funds, and a thing called 'giving tree' (you do the giving by the way). He has distributors of his material in almost every country on earth - who have a vested interest in promoting him. Im not saying Irene is promoting him for cash though - I wouldn't know that.
I think you get the picture. I just didn't want anyone to waste their hard earned by lining the pockets of this dubious character. No doubt he has found happiness via his mega millions and jets etc.
As I say, Google him (fraud/scams/wealth) and decide.   Jack

Re Satellite TV Update

Lee - Thanks for you latest update on our potential TV reception problems later in the year.
Are you saying that to overcome all our future UK programme reception problems, we only have to wait until we are back in the UK, buy a sky box and Sky contract, bring them both back to Spain with us and plug in? If that’s all, it’s a big sigh of relief and lot cheaper than a 3 metre dish. I don’t know what I was worrying about!
The only other thing I was going to add is that two of my neighbours are on Sky and both have lost all the Channel 5 programs. Do they need to change their login details and do a new scan to get Channel 5 back?? David (Cabo de Gata)/.

Gas Bottles for sale

For sale: 3 empty orange gas bottles 15 euros each. Contact Lesley 952516346

Please Give This Phone a Good Home

Windows phone (Nokia) Lumia 610.  Sim-free, Charger.  Bought for Christmas by someone (bless 'em) who thought I'd be able to use it.  I can't.  I've really tried, but I can't. Cost 150 pounds sterling from Phones4U, 8o euros and it's yours. joeboyle07 at

Easter Shopping in Gibraltar

The Phoenix Club has a trip to Gibraltar on Thursday 28th March leaving Algarrobo Lidl at 08.30 and returning from Gibraltar at 16.30.  The coach is parked in Morrisons car park and you can access your bags from 15.00 hours. 
Why not join us to stock up on your favourite Easter specials at Morrisons.  You can also enjoy browsing at Marks & Spencer, Next, Bhs, Monsoon and other high street shops.
Price?  Just €10 pp and children under 12 come for 1/2 price.  Early booking recommended as seats are going fast. 
Call Gail on 951067723, email or catch us on the web at
The Phoenix Club is a registered charity raising funds for 3 local charities in the Velez area and Help4Heroes in the UK.  We meet every Tuesday between 12 and 2pm at the restaurant above Supersol in Torre del Mar.  Come and meet us, have a coffee, a piece of cake and a chat.

Wanted Extra Seating

Does anybody have, or know of a warehouse where we can buy plastic table and chairs for our meeting place at Supersol in Torre del Mar at a reasonable price? Is there a bar or restaurant changing their outside seating and can help?
We need 4 large tables and 24 stackable chairs.
Please call Gail on 951067723 or email:  phoenixsocialclub at if you can help.  Thanks.

Spanish Style Furniture Wanted

Hello, I am looking for some Spanish style wardrobes, chest of drawers,occasional furniture and  beds, if anyone has these surplus to requirements ??  Thanks, Email: mmdotmm at

Wi-fi Symbols on Bank and Credit Cards

Banks are issuing cards with a wi-fi symbol on them.  We returned ours and insisted they issue us with a card that doesn't have this facility.  This video will explain all.
maggie 952 539 839

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Satellite TV Update

All of Sky's channels that were transmitting from the Astra 2B satellite have now moved to Astra 2F (European beam) according to SES Astra.  Astra 2B will be moved from its current position to 19.2e (Canal Plus Spain, France etc).
I have checked all the relevant channels and they are all still being received without problem, in fact, some channels that were difficult to receive in the evening have a stronger signal now, for example Sky Movies Action HD.
No one should be experiencing any problems with this the latest upgrade.
I will stress that these are Sky only channels which can only be received with a Sky receiver and subscription.
Also SES Astra have confirmed that the launch date for the latest new satellite, Astra 2E, will be the 20th May 2013, this will probably be the satellite that will carry the remaining Freesat channels (ITV/BBC etc).  It is expected that the 'footprint' will be very similar to Astra 2F and thus the UK spot beam which will carry the Freesat channels will be very difficult to receive here in Andalucia.
As soon as I know of any more confirmed updates I will let you know.     Email: Lee at dantis dot co dot uk

Bar La Casita, Torrox Costa

Bar La Casita, Bl.80, Torrox Costa, just off the paseo behind Bar Safari.
Open Sundays to Fridays, 7pm till late, closed on Saturdays. Wednesday Night is now "Pie & Mash Night" from 7.30pm til 9.30pm. Home made Pie, Mash, Peas & Gravy for 5.90 euros or 2 for 10 euros, choice of 4 fillings. Be hungry be very hungry!  Booking is advisable so please contact David on 635 835 447

Recover Deleted Email Messages in Hotmail

DoctorLaptop in Nerja Says:  Regarding Deleted Hotmail - Another view
From Hotmail Help

Hotmail Help & How-to

With Hotmail, you can recover email that might have been accidently deleted from your inbox. This is also helpful if your account has been hacked, because hackers often delete all the messages in an account.

To recover deleted email
  • In the left pane of the Hotmail window, click the Deleted folder, scroll to the bottom of the window, and then click recover deleted messages.

    Hotmail will recover as many messages as possible and put them in your Deleted folder. If you don't see the deleted messages that you wanted, it means they are permanently lost.

When the recovered messages are back in your Deleted folder, you should move the important ones back to your inbox or personal folders because the Deleted folder gets cleaned out periodically.


  • This feature doesn’t work for child accounts. This way, parents can be confident that when they delete messages from their children’s accounts, they stay deleted.
    ALSO: Despite what Keith said in a previous Digame issue, I would not recommend Gmail. It is the most hacked email service out there and has a track record for losing millions of their user's private info files to hackers. They also keep copies of everything and will provide copies to any investigative agency without warrants. I prefer as a more secure email and shorter addresses.

Good luck, and email me directly with questions...No reason to fill the Digame site with this.
Naythan a.k.a. Doctorlaptop, Nerja, mobile 689-721-916         doctorlaptop at

Re Motorcycle Clothing for Sale - Some items now sold

Please note that some of the items listed below are now sold these are:
Duchinni Leather Winter Gloves (black),water resistant, padded fingers, armour on knuckles. Thinsulate lined,
size medium - 19cms from tip of little finger to thumb (outstretched palm), worn once excellent condition 15 Euro and Oxford Products, lightweight rain suit ( Bone Dry Range ), extra large, only worn once, 25Euro
I also forgot to list where we are, Km 9 on Torrox/Competa road very near to Pavo Real.
All other items still for sale, don't miss out on a bargain....also suitable for all the quad riders out there.. Contact Steve 633551456 or Email: Janet_steve2001 at hotmail dot com

Join the Cast of Splash

Round 3m by 120cm deep swimming pool. Complete with brick like plastic walls and full pump and cleaning system.
Bought from Eroski last july at a cost of 570euros. absolute bargain at 250euros.
buyer to dismantle. Vinuella area. contact bartysboy7 at hotmail dot com tel:627173388

Gas BBQ For Sale


Large cooking surface, 2 griddle plates which can be turned over to flat plates, and also grill plate. There are 2 side surfaces that are removable. The battery igniter doesnt work so it needs a handheld igniter to light the burners. There is a thermostat in the lid so it can be used as an oven. There is no bottle with it but the regulator is attached. VGC. 75 euros
Competa area. Tel 647073114 

The No. 2 Ladies' Book Club

The No. 2 Ladies’ Book Club will be meeting on Tuesday, 5th February at ‘H20’, Burriana beach, at 8pm. New members especially welcome.

This Weekend At The Axarquia Racing Club


This coming weekend there is another fantastic line up of live entertainment at The Axarquia Racing Club,Torrox Costa.
Saturday 2nd February,a very welcome return of Billy Preacher & Sons. Billy and the boys will be hosting a jam. Always a great afternoon with Billy Preacher. Not to be missed.
Sunday 3rd February,we have the Silver Fox Trio,another popular band at The Ax,playing blues,soul,rock and jazz.
Winter timings: Bar opens at 13.00. Food(Pizza/BBQ) from 14.00 to 19.00. Live entertainment from 15.00 to 18.00.
Axarquia Racing Club is on the main Torrox to Torrox Costa road just up from the Blue Elephant Car Wash. Just look for the orange and black gates.
Great enclosed/covered winter  terrace. Easy parking on the opposite side of the road. A great way to spend an afternoon.
Non members most welcome. Entry free.
For more info or to reserve a table contact Luis on 654 715 382.

DVD Boxed Sets for Sale.

These titles and many more "Original Boxed Sets" will be on sale at Puente don Manuel Friday Market.
A good and varied selection of "Original Single Titles" will also be available on the day.
All media is located in Competa. Email:  jimsboxedsets (at) yahoo (dot) (com)

Fitting Vinyl Flooring

Anybody out there who can lay vinyl "cushionfloor" in my bathroom? Shops will sell it but don't want to lay it and our knees are not up to the job. Its approx. two metres square but will need cutting around the toilet and shower unit. I understand it is possible to lay a small area like this just with double sided sticky tape.. please I really don't want the expense of tiles or laminate. Reply to Digame or ring 952534628/633925085. We are in El Morche.

2 Tennis Rackets (with photo this time)


Two Tennis Rackets with cases used only a couple of times.
1 Slazenger Powerflex, 1 Dunlop Classic, 10 Euro each
Can be picked up in Calle Antonio Millon, Nerja. Email: Kenseal at gmail dot com  or 654 728380.

Scoundrels – One Mans View

This is absolutely first class oratory. We need more of our 'leaders' to follow this example. I'll vote for this guy any day.... and I've never voted for anyone, ever. This needs to be rammed down the throats of all....
From local councils right through to every government....Stop spending what we haven't got you scoundrels.  Keith

Wanted French Bulldog


Wanted French bulldog, in good health 1 to 3 years old, I will give him a very good home. Call me please 651016979
Quisiera adoptar un bulldog francés, con buena salud de 1 a 3 años, le daré un muy buen hogar, llamar 651016979.

Apple IPod Nano 4gb & Wireless Keyboard for sale


The following items for sale: Logitech wireless keyboard (see photo) complete with USB receiver. perfect working order 15 Euros o.n.o.
Apple IPod Nano 4gb complete with all accessories (see photo) including foldable portable speaker system with universal Ipod dock. All absolutely brand new & unused (unwanted gift).65euros o.n.o.
We are in Velez-Malaga/Torrox. Tel 952 549 755 or 686 681 009.

Orange Gas Bottles for Sale

2 Gas Bottles for Sale, 15 euros each. Richard Tele: 657050610

Bar Chairs for Sale


8 X Bar Stools for Sale, Dark Brown Wood, Newly covered with black and brown flowers on a cream background.
35 euros a chair or 250 euros for all 8.  Tele: 657050610 Richard

Acoustic music at the Alberdini

There will be an acoustic music session at the Alberdini Bar y Restaurante tonight from 9.00pm. Everybody welcome (join in if you like, bring an instrument). To book a table call 952 516294.

Inner Peace

If anyone is interested in finding inner peace, exploring the magic of life itself and experiencing supreme joy within, I can highly recommend this website - it gives information about a very special gift called Knowledge, freely given by Prem Rawat. The link takes you to a step by step series of videos called the Keys (also given freely) which help you to understand more about life before receiving Key 6 which is the gift of Knowledge itself. My husband and I received the gift of Knowledge nearly 40 years ago, and ever since have enjoyed feeling the peace, love and joy that lies within all of us, just waiting to be discovered. You are welcome to email me if you have any questions, but the website is very comprehensive... Irene at every-breath @ hotmail dot co dot uk.

Jam Night at Bar El Llano

Were Jamming at Bar El Llano this thursday 9pm till late hosted by Mick  n John  in house p.a and guitars everyone welcome /bar food available,  Almayate Costa  route 340  2.5km south of Torre del mar   look for caravan parking  on right,   see you  there,

Wanted CD Box Sets

Box sets of 5 cd 100 hits don´t mind if they are used any sets please let me know the cost of any sets and the name of the set. Thank you  952558507

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Freezer and Chairs for sale

Upright freezer, size height 32-width 21-depth 22, price 55 euro
4 plastic armchair type white stackable, 2 wooden recliners price 60 euro Velez Malaga 952558507

Found Black Cat in Torrox Campo.

This is not a wild cat, it is a cat who craves affection so has obviously been with humans. About 3 years old, a male we think? Just turned up at our house a few days ago and will not leave. Anybody lost him?
I’m in the campo about 2Kms up the Torrox to Competa Road not far up from the Pony Rides Place.
Email me for a photo if you wish. John    Email: john at

Re What´s all this fuss about Ryanair

I'm no fan of Michael O'Leary, but I have to say my experiences are the same. Follow the instructions, arrive on time, save a lot. But be prepared for the day there's a delay and Ryanair leave you on your own.  Paul

Reference Kennedy Seeking Work (earlier post)

We use this chaps services, painting inside & out. He is reliable, trustworthy plus an excellent hard worker. What impressed most when we read the ad was the inclusion of hourly rates charged, its good to know where you stand. We look forward to using him in the garden when painting completed. Good luck to you Kennedy. Bob & Beryl Mills of Almayate Alto.

Slow Cooker Wanted

Has anyone a slow cooker for sale .Must be in good condition  Please contact on 660845094

Collectables and Pictures for sale

001 (640x480)004 (640x480)
2 original oil paintings by Marian Clarke of Rayleigh Essex, 50 € for the pair
OriginalPen and ink drawing of Nude by R. Brewster of Maldon Essex 15 €
Original Watercolour of flowers by R. Brewster of Maldon Essex 20 €
Lilliput lane Boxed items
Primrose Hill 1991 10€
Marigold Meadow 1993 with deeds 25€
Rare Moreton Manor 195-1989 with deeds 40€
Huw by Paw prints in treasure chest and original box 10€
Aynsley Wild Tudor vase 10" boxed mint codition 20 €
Aynsley Wild Tudor vase approx 8" mint condition 10 €
Wedgewood Glen Mist Urn by Susie Cooper mint condition 20€
Cat on a bookshelf, made and handpainted in Scotland cannot read makers name, approx 2" high by 3" wide 10€
Vintage Portmerion Birds of Britain Planter  Goldfinch pattern  in mint condition15€
Vintage Dunnoon ceramics stoneware planter with two different owl decorations 50€
Limoges porcelain La Reine Pattern Urn in mint condition 20€
Tigers by Josephine Marsh, I think this is a print not an original  10€
Original oil painting, no name in impressionists style 20€
Email: trishbreavington at  To see photos of above click the following………………………..

Childs Bicycle For Sale


For Sale. Childs btwin bike from Decathlon. Suit ages 3 to 5 years. Not used 45 Euros.  Tel Sharon 606914774

Mountcutter For Sale

Professional framers mount/mat-cutter for sale. For framers, artists, photographers etc.Cuts mounts up to 48 inches in length. In Competa. Free lesson included. Cut single, double or multiple mounts.
Some mount board also available……….50 euros Tel. 952516996 or 690144128

Security IP Cameras for sale


I have for sale 2 x security IP cameras.
One camera is an EasyN with full pan & tilt,two way audio, motion detection with email on alarm, Receive alarm in picture or video on your PC,laptop or mobile phone. Have instant recording and alarm of intruder. Cameras are new with full instructions. You do require some computer or IT experience to set them up. Plenty of information on youtube.
The second camera is same spec but no pan & tilt. The cameras are 40.00€ each.  Phone 634415531

Donkeys Love Carrots and Apples!

Nerja Donkey Sanctuary: animal food welcome
If you live in, or near, Nerja please would you bring down any food for the animals.
The donkeys love apples, carrots and stale bread.  Our oldest donkey Woody is on a restricted diet and loves porridge oats as a special treat. 
If you have any algarrobo trees and don't know what to do with the fruit, the donkeys will solve your problem for you! 
Vegetable peelings for the pot-bellied pigs and dry cat food for our "rat hunters" would also be appreciated. Thank you!! 
We are open from 10.00 to 4.00 every day.  You will find us just off the N340 on the right coming from Torrox, just before the Nerja Arch.

The Cudeca Pop-up Diners Club

The Cudeca Pop-up Diners Club is popping-up at The Alberdini Rural Hotel, Competa on Friday 22nd February, 7.30pm arrival for dinner service at 8pm.  Menu - Three Curries of the World.

The Cudeca Pop-up Diners Club February 2013 event at The Alberdini Rural Hotel Competa.
Tickets just 16,50 euro pp and selling out fast.  Don't delay, get yours today from La Boutique de Competa or The Alberdini Rural Hotel, Competa. Further information please email Debbie - cpudclub at gmail dot com
(Remember to bring your ticket/s on the night for admission)
We would like to thank everyone who has purchased tickets so far, your support is vital and valid.

Reduced to sell, Citreon Relay Van/Camper Van

Van saleCitreon Van

Reduced to sell, Citreon Relay Van/Camper Van. 123,000 miles, MOT & Road Tax to end of March 2013. UK Plates.Diesel. Very clean & Ideal if you are planning a return trip to UK. Has been partially converted to campervan, but easily dismantled  if you prefer to use as van only. For Quick sale 1150€.     To view contact 657482813.

Beat Those Thieves

Millenco 3 piece wheel lock for sale, large size fits up to 16 inch wheels. Costs £115 Amazon Market Place.
Only 60 euro ono   Telephone: 674772589 

Caravan Hitchlock for sale

For Sale SAS Hitchlock used but good. Price 20 Euro ono  Telephone: 674772589

7,300€ Buys Exceptional Car - located Torre Del Mar

Renault Clio 1.5 eco2 (low emission) 1st Registered June 2010. Colour Beige Ceniza (metallic sand)
12,600 km, Full Renault Service History. Diesel. CD Player. One careful non smoking owner, excellent condition. Price 7,300 euros. First to try will buy!!! Call Margaret for information and to test drive.
Email: miglet943 at  Tel. 951 069 056. Mob 608 086 605

Re Recovering Emails - Hotmail

1. Hi there...In answer to the Recovering Sent/Deleted emails on Hotmail long as you have not actually deleted the contents of these files...go into the file and right click on email required..choose the Copy and Move option and move it to your in box. In most cases another window will appear telling you emails cannot be sent, do you want to yes and bingo its done....   Hope this helps, sorry about non computer terms tho..:0
2.  I presume you have tried clicking the 'sent' and the 'deleted' options on the left?
Unfortunately deleted items are saved for a while then wiped permanently, periodically. Hotmail doesn't say what the 'periodicity' is?
Sent items have two options.... 'save all' or 'don't save any'. You have to choose. Click on the 'sent' option and click 'check your settings'. Cheers, Keith
PS Open a Gmail account and have all your Hotmail sent to it. Then you can save most of your emails in the free 10Gig store under unlimited folders!

Capistrano Film Forum

The Capistrano Film Forum is open to all. All films are shown in their original languages and are shown on a large screen in the Capistrano Social Salon in El Capistrano Village, starting promptly at 6 PM. Wine (or alternate beverages on request) and "nibbles" are served.
The next film is:
Friday,  Feb. 1st                     THE DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY (2007)
        (Le scaphandre et le papillon) Biography / drama (France, US – 112 min.) Screenplay by Ronald Harwood. Directed by Julian Schnabel.
43 year old Elle magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby (Mathieu Amalric) - Jean-Do to his friends - awakens from a coma in a hospital after suffering a massive stroke. Although his cognitive facilities are intact, he quickly learns that he has “locked-in syndrome” which means he is almost completely paralyzed and not able to speak. One of his few functioning muscles is his left eye. His situation brings together many people in his life, including: Céline Desmoulins (Emmanuelle Seigner), his ex-lover and mother of his children and his aged father who he calls Papinou (Max Von Sydow). His compassionate recuperative team includes his speech therapist, Henriette (Marie-Josée Croze) who eventually teaches him to communicate... In French with English subtitles. Regarded as one of the best French films in a decade.
For further information on the Capistrano Film Forum, please email Marty <<vmmargulies at>>

Cudeca Fashion Show


Cudeca presents a Fun Fashion Show Friday 15th February 2013  at 14:30 hr., Villa Flamenca - Nerja
Tickets: €10. Includes: cava, nibbles, tea & coffee
Raffle - Prize Quiz - music by Bill Farren. Sale of clothing, accessories, cards & books
Tickets available from:  Cudeca Nerja Shop, C/Almirante Carranza, Nerja. Telf: 663 083 503 or call Heather Van Riesen: 682 395 428


I am looking for a second hand van, maybe 8-9 years old, preferably a Mercedes Vito however, I will also consider a Peugeot Partner or Citroen Berlingo, Seat Caddy etc.
Van must be ITV'd and have all relevant paperwork. Tel. Andy on 695925962 with details

Monday, 28 January 2013

What´s all this fuss about Ryanair

I have just come back from a weekend jaunt to Blighty using Ryanair, I was a bit worried about using this airline as I have heard all the rumours about emergency landings etc..

Well I had no hassle about my hand luggage (10 kilos) as I stuck to their guidlines and weight limits. I printed off my own boarding cards so there was no need for me to go to checkin, you just go straight through to security check, The plane was on time both ways, the staff were friendly and helpful and all this for just 50 € in total, you can´t go wrong.

I would certainly fly with them again. Don´t know what all the fuss is about.   Jacqui

Motorcycle Clothing for Sale


Nitro Fibreglass Aerotech  Helmet  -  size  extra small (59cms),  good condition  25 Euro
Ladies UK size 6 Water resistant,  Calf length black leather boots,  excellent condition 15 Euro
Duchinni Leather Winter Gloves (black),water resistant, padded fingers, armour on knuckles. Thinsulate lined,
size medium - 19cms from tip of little finger to thumb (outstretched palm), worn once excellent condition 15 Euro
Leather winter gloves - black -Techtex Protection, size medium (size as above) excellent condition 10 Euro
R.S. Ladies black leather trousers, UK size 16, CE approved amour, 70cm inside leg, excellent condition  45 Euro
Oxford Products, lightweight rain suit ( Bone Dry Range ),  extra large, only worn once,  25 Euro
Contact Steve 633551456 or Email: Janet_steve2001 at hotmail dot com

Articles for sale

2 Single quilts,covers, matching pillow cases and bottom fitted sheets very little used. £30 the lot
Skype telephone never used. Cost £40 will accept £25.
15" flat colour computer screen £40
Tel. 952 534 719

Exceptional Car for Sale located Torre Del Mar

Renault Clio 1.5 eco2 (low emission) 1st Registered June 2010. Colour Beige Ceniza (metallic sand)
12,600 km, Full Renault Service History. Diesel. CD Player. One careful non smoking owner, excellent condition. Price 7,300 euros. First to try will buy!!! Call Margaret for information and to test drive.
Email: miglet943 at  Tel. 951 069 056. Mob 608 086 605


Don’t let your car fail its ITV- now and until 30th April, you can have your car checked FOR FREE before passing the technical ITV inspection. In Autotalleres Lavega, the Renault garage located in the industrial estate of Vélez-Málaga, we repair and service all car makes and models and are committed to the satisfaction of all our clients –that includes our non-Spanish speaking residents, too! If you bring a printed copy of this post on your Dígame blog and of your NIE card/passport, you will enjoy our pre-ITV services FOR FREE. Besides, at your request, we will take your car to the ITV centre at no extra charges (with us, you just pay for your inspection fees!). Call us on 952 50 20 00 and arrange your appointment. English spoken. For further info, please email us at: aniarroyo.lavega at

Single Beds for Sale


Slatted bed base + mattress, 2 x Pine headboards, 1 x Pine locker.  Great bargain €50 for all
Buyer to collect from Torrox Costa. Contact Mary on 660839381

Cafe Sports Bar La Bodega Torrox Costa

We are located behind the new Tourist Information Centre in Torrox Costa and are open daily from 10:30 until late.
We have free Wi-Fi for customers and a lap top for customers use should it be required.
We have holiday letting facilities and long term rentals available.
We have two large TV,s to show all sporting events including this weeks Tuesday and Wednesday Premiership matches and all the events
at weekend including UK 3pm kick offs, rugby and La Liga via Sky+HD, ESPN and Abu Dhabi.
Thursday nights quiz starts at 9:30pm with your host quizmaster Carsten so come and test your knowledge and win a prize. Sandwiches for all quizzers are available.
Friday nights meat raffle starts at 6:30pm so get your tickets early and please try to collect your prizes on the night.
Saturday nights Karaoke starts at 9:30pm and is hosted by Johnny Hollywood and Chrissie followed by a late bar so come and have a laugh and sing along.
Sunday Lunches are served between 1 and 4 pm along with all the usual Cafe Sports Bar facilities.

Tennis Rackets for sale

Two as new Tennis Rackets with cases.
1 Slazenger Powerflex
1 Dunlop Classic 10 Euro each
Can be picked up in Calle Antonio Millon, Nerja. Email: Kenseal at gmail dot com  or 654 728380.

Concert at Nerja Cultural Centre

There will be a fundraising concert for Cudeca at Nerja Cultural Centre on Thursday 31st Jan. at 20.00 Cost 5 Euro. A selection of folk groups from various countries are performing and it looks pretty good so do try to support this good cause. Tickets from the Box Office but also hopefully available on the door.

Help Needed to Recover Sent/Deleted E-mails

Hi all, does anyone know if there is away to recover sent/deleted e,mails. that have been deleted 6 weeks ago i,m using hot / Windows Internet Explore. thanx.

Small Trailer Wanted for Purchase

Does anyone have a small trailer in good condition they wish to sell? We are looking to buy as soon as we find the right one. Please email with details.  Email:

Malaga Airport Long-term Parking

A few weeks ago I asked for information from readers on long term parking at Malaga airport. Many thanks to those who contributed. I am off to Spain On Wednesday and shall be looking up the various places which have been suggested. The prices quoted vary from €588 to €1120 for allegedly the same level of service! Some companies have different names and web sites but appear to use the same small covered area. Most sites show beautiful photographs of Malaga Airport and or the official airport car park but not their own premises. I fear it may well be "You makes your choice and you pays your money" I am quite happy to inform you of the company I use if anyone wishes but I may well need the full 12 months before forming an opinion. Tony

Problems With Spantel Service

I wonder if anyone else is having problems using Spantel to call the UK using 1030? In December I checked my bill and I had been billed for calls made on dates when I was not in Spain. I had problems getting through to them by phone as the number on their invoice is not correct- Eventually they said there had been a problem with their billing system and gave me a credit. Now the January bill arrives with numerous errors again. Chris

Trip to Almunecar & Otivar

The Phoenix Club has a trip to Almunecar Market on Friday 22nd February departing Algarrobo (Lidl) at 09.30 and returning at 17.30.
This is an unusual market with many traders selling unusual items including all variety of leather goods, ceramics and plants.  If you are a dressmaker or into soft furnishings, this is the place for you.  All on sale at reasonable prices and well worth a look around.
At 13.00 we take the coach to the famous 'Chicken Shack' at Otivar for lunch.  Not mandatory as if you prefer you can have lunch in Almunecar and we will pick you up on the way back down.
Price? €14 pp but lunch is not included in the price but please book lunch if you fancy a chicken dinner!
Come and join us for a fun day out and a leisurely lunch up in the hills above Almunecar.
Call Gail on 951067723, email: phoenixsocialclub at or catch us on the web at

Castrol The Dog Gets a New Name

Thanks to digame-torrox for putting my request for a dog kennel on the page. I am pleased to say that a kind man called Alex responded to my request with an offer of a nice big kennel. So all's well that ends well and the dog has a nice cosy house to stay in, instead of a very cramped and uncomfortable oil drum. Keep up the good work digame

Carpet Cleaning?–Take it to the Car(pet) Wash!

Easiest way to clean carpets, and the cheapest is to take them to the car-wash. Lay them over the hood of the car and soap and then rinse. Hang over the railings at home to dry. 1 euro per carpet. Done it with decent carpets for some time
and it works. mike lince

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nerja Donkey Sanctuary - latest news and events

For all the latest news and events at the Sanctuary, please go to:
maybe you could add this to your "Favourites"?

Watchbot IP Cameras

Does anyone have any experience of setting up Watchbot ip cameras on Riosat network?
Mike. Email: mickhick at hotmail dot com

Table Top Oven Wanted

Wanted . . a small table top oven, reasonable price.
Should anyone have one for sale please contact David on 635835447

Bar La Casita - Home Made Pies

Bar La Casita, Bl.80, Torrox Costa, just off the paseo behind Bar Safari.
Open Sundays to Fridays, 7pm till late, closed on Saturdays.
The bar has a wide range of tapas and snacks available, but as from this week home made pies will also be available.
You can choose from steak & Onion, Chicken & Mushroom, Mince & Onion or even a chicken curry pie, so why not pop in and try one.  For more information please contact David on 635835447

Bar La Casita - Events This Week

Bar La Casita, Bl.80, Torrox Costa, just off the paseo behind Bar Safari.
Open Sundays to Fridays, 7pm till late, closed on Saturdays.
Events calendar:
Mondays, 9pm: Darts Night. Electronic dart board, so no need to stress your
brain cells with counting scores! Everyone welcome, no matter if you're new to the game or a bit of a champ, come and have a go!
Tuesdays, 9pm: Fun Quiz Night. Entry is 1.50e per person, this includes a snack and as always there are prizes to be won!
Thursdays, from 8.30pm: Is Karaoke night! Every Thursday you can have a go at the mike and let your talents show or just sit and relax and listen to those that dare to have a go. It is hosted by Johnny and Chrissie.
Fridays, from 9pm: Live Music and Dance at La Casita . This  Friday
Johnny Hollywood will perform for you and you are welcome to take to the floor and dance along!  For more info on any of the above events ring David on 635 835 447.

Restaurant El Pino Torrox Park market

Restaurant El Pino market Torrox Park this coming Wednesday from 10am to 1.30 ish! Second hand childrens clothes and DVDs, new stock of jewellery starting at 3euros per item, handmade cards,including valentine cards.stationary and printer inks,Annie's baby knitwear, new designs and colours now available, plus wool by the ball. Not forgetting treats for our four legged friends, Susie will also be there if you have any repairs or alterations that need doing,clothes or curtains.
Just follow the signs for the camp site,the restaurant is next to the main entrance.
If you are interested in having a stall please call Rachael on 662063987 or email indoormarket at kwiksendmail dot com

Air Rifle Wanted

I´m looking for a pump-action air rifle. I would prefer a 5.5mm but 4.5 is also ok.
Please call 663145527 (Rik) or rbb1amsterdam at

Bits and Bobs for sale

Dehumidifier 10L. €10
Good quality travel cot mattress. Immaculate condition. €10.
Portable Camping Gas Stove in Carry Box. €10.
Email brisaazul at or tel 607 845 603

Boating Items For Sale


VHF Star M298 Re chargeable Radio (UK plug). €20
Plastimo Iris 100 Floating Compass in bag. €35
Email brisaazul at or tel 607 845 603

Ease Your Aches and Pains

Alcumag Professional Massager for sale. Strong pounding intensity can penetrate muscles to give a professional massage. As new condition. €35. (Cost £100 new.)
Email brisaazul at or tel 607 845 603

Electronic items for sale


Sony Playstation 2 with two controllers and 8MB memory card. Boxed and with instructions. 11 games included for mixed ages from 3 to 16. €40.
Toshiba Portable DVD Player in black carrying case. Very good condition. €40
Email brisaazul at or tel 607 845 603

Windscreen Scratches Caused by Wipers

I have a Toyota Rav4 and the windscreen has been scratched in an arc by grit on the wiper blades. Does anyone know a guaranteed way of removing or filling the scratches. Alternatively can you recommend a windscreen company local to Torrox who could carry out the repair.  Many thanks, Alan. Email: alanprangley at aol dot com

A (small) Satellite TV Update

I promised to keep everyone updated with the channel moves from Sky/Freesat/Astra so here is the latest news.
Firstly, there is no further news as to when the remaining Freesat channels will move, it is still looking like this summer.
As I previously explained Astra 2A and 2B which carry many of Sky's channels would move to the new satellite Astra 2F using its European beam, so there should be no loss of channels. This process has started but to everyone's surprise they have started moving the channels to one of the European beams of Astra 1N, which is the satellite that we currently receive BBC/ITV from, which is going to be moved from its current position of 28.2e (Sky UK) to 19.2e (Canal Plus Spain etc) to accommodate the European market. As it is the European beam no one should be experiencing any loss of channels, to check, try Sky News (non HD), this is one of the main channels that has moved.
Unless they are now not going to move Astra 1N (very unlikely), I expect that the channels will have to move again!
The 'great satellite space shuffle' rolls on!  Lee at dantis dot co dot uk

Report Animal Abuse to 062 on Your Phone

A number to be kept on hand: 062 SEPRONA. Do not hesitate to report animal abuse.  Beatriz

Samsung Mobile Phone For Sale

The phone model is a Samsung Chat (GT-S3350) in red and is in first class condition. It is a Wifi phone unlocked open to all networks and ready to go. Included is instruction booklet, charger and USB lead for connecting to a computer. I will also include a nice leather case and a 1GB micro SD card. An absolute bargain at 40 Euros
Email 634 389 028

Wanted - Freezer

I am looking for an under-counter type freezer (not a chest-freezer) that is in good working order.
Please email: mattian01 at gmail dot com

New Barbershop

There is a new barber in El Morche, behind the bus stop near the church. His name is Juan Carlos and he used to work behind the bar in the Parquesol, so some of you will know him and what a thoroughly nice chap he is! Always smiling, very friendly. He doesn't speak English but his Spanish is easy to understand as he comes from Bolivia (that is, he doesn't speak Andaluz!). His wife tells me he only charges 5 euros but you would have to check that out. I noticed he was open on Sunday morning.

TAIL Torrox

We will be in the Torrox Costa market tomorrow giving away free raffle tickets. The draw will take place in our charity shop next to Lloyds bank at 12.30. Jean Kappes, TAIL TORROX

TAIL TORROX (Torrox animal international league)

Urgent Help Please! Does anyone have of know of a van we could borrow on Saturday to go to the bootsale at Algarrobo.
Our van has died.  Jean Kappes, TAIL

Aquarium and Fish for sale

5 large goldfish and a plec (algae eating fish) in tank, full filter system and heater. €65 ono
Buyer to collect , picture on request. Tel 655 848 329 Sue

New Xbox Controls for sale

xbox control

2 XBOX controls. Used only once. 30 Euro the pair or 15 Euro for one.
Email: kenseal at gmail d o t com  Tele: 654 728380

Looking for Shoeshop for Surgical Shoes

Does anybody know where I can buy Finncomfort or other similar surgical shoes? Online? Nerja? Torre del Mar? Malaga?
Problems with ball of foot and need arch support. There used to be a shop in El Enginio, now unfortunately closed.
Thank you, Becky, email:  labedabe at terra dot es

Laundry Facilities

We always used to use a laundry in Nerja for our white woollen and cotton rugs for eight years or so. Lavanderia Jimena ‘emma louise hall’, Calle Rodriguez Acosta. Near the fountain roundabout close to the Parador, Nerja. John Williams

Bed, Fridge and Porta-Poti for sale


New single Pine Sculptured Headboard ready to stain or paint in the colour you want. 20 euros
Single divan bed 25 euros
Two new portable fridge or warmer, 220v mains or 12v DC 13.5 ltr. 25 euros each,
New un-used Thetford portable Porta Potti, 35 euros
Contact Christine on 692408306 or email: Christine at housemartins dot es

Malaga Airport Parking

There was a discussion on Digame a while back about parking your car at Malaga airport. I used Platinum car parking last time and they were great and very good value for money:
we went away for ten days and it cost 34.50 euros. They picked up my car when I left at departures at the airport and it was waiting for me at exactly the same spot when I got back. Friendly, efficient and cheap, I'll be using them again!

Fax Machine and Gas Plancher for sale


2 - Burner Gas Plancher In very good condition. Ideal for bar small restaurant or home use for BBQ
Size 55 cms X 40 cms, € 150 ono
Phillips magic 3 Fax Machine In excellent condition , with manual, € 30 ono
Torrox Costa Tel: 666 752 478

Hotel Balcon de Competa – Coming Events


The next events to be held at Hotel Balcon de Competa are;
- Dia de los Enamorados / Valentine's Day on 16th February, 2013
- Fiesta de Disfraces con Cena / Fancy Dress Party with Dinner on 23rd February, 2013

Reservas al /Bookings to: +34 952 55 3662

Monday Night at Casa Maria, Torrox Park

Casa M

Monday night..hold tight! from 9pm "THE" Jam & open Mic session @ Casa Maria, Torrox Park.  Near the campsite, follow the road with the phone box, to the end then follow the signs & the sounds ;)  This week hosted by "Jonny" of "Unplugged" fame!

Table and Four Chairs for sale


Glass table and chairs with Draylon and with black mettle work, very good condition.65 euros.
Contact Christine on 692408306 or email: Christine at housemartins dot es

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Notice to Event Contributors

Can contributors please ensure they include the full address of the venue where the event will take place, especially the Village or town. Please bear in mind that many prospective attendees may not be familiar with your establishment or location if they come from further afield. Thank you. Dep. Ed. Derek

Dog Guard Needed

Does anyone have a dog guard to sell that would fit a Ford CMax? If so, please contact Marina on casamarina at or by phone 607 845 602.

CAMPO Quiz Night

On behalf of the CAMPO Committee may I say a massive thank you to all those who came to our Quiz Night at La Vendimia, Competa on Friday.  It was a huge success and we raised 90 euros from entrance fees. Very well done to our Quizmaster Pat Kirkbright.  Hopefully there will be more to come.
We were thrilled to be able to donate 290 euros to Action for Animals, 200 of which came from Aladdin with the balance from the Quiz.  Thank you all again for your support.    Mave Moore

Hotpoint Fridge-Freezer for sale.

Fridge Freezer 00011
Volume in litres - Fridge 164, Freezer 60
Measures approx. 55cm wide x 55cm deep x 104cm tall. Clean, reliable and very good working order. 50 euro.
Email:  coletteh at hotmail dot co dot uk   or tel 634406637 mornings.

English Speaking Nursery

Does anyone know of an English speaking nursery in the Nerja area?
Thank you in advance, Margaret  Email: mbatt   at  email4us  dot com

Oven & Hob Wanted

Looking for an integrated fan oven and a gas hob. Anybody have one? Email:  andymann_genesis at  or Andy on 633875588

New artwork

cat and the mirror with lion oilflamenco in pink 2

Local artist Margaret Riordan has added some new paintings to her two small art exhibitions currently running until April 2013, one in Café Bar Sands & C near the lighthouse on Torrox Costa, open 12 noon until late every day (not Thurs) and another exhibition at Bar Choto Playa at Peñoncillo Beach, Torrox Costa, (not Tues).