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Saturday, 12 September 2015

IP TV - responses

we are with Movistar and we had someone from Telefonica here this morning to try and resolve the same problem as you and he more or less said hard luck we can't do anything about the slow speed,
it drives us mad trying to watch TV
IPTV Providers - Question
Let us just clarify what this means:-
If a network is fast enough to keep up with playback and there are no breaks in the data then buffering is not necessary.
However over the Internet data packets can traverse numerous routers from source to destination and delays can be introduced at any point.
The effect of this is that with video streaming (TV etc.) a good IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) box introduces a few seconds delay to incoming data.
Once this few seconds is used up – buffered – then there is a high probability that the picture on the TV is interrupted until the data has caught up.
Movistar generally offers a fast reliable service
BUT depending where you are that may be different.
Questions to be asked
Do you receive your internet on a fixed line or over WiFi
How fast is your internet (TV requires a steady stream of at least 2 Mbps)
Is the problem all day or only in the evening
You need to check the speed and linearity of your connection with a computer with the TV off.
Use the very good web site recommended by Dr Laptop
Check several times during the day and evening
Also you need to check using a specialised PING programme that you are not losing data due to a poor Internet connection
Are you using a good TV service with local servers or any one of the free services in the UK. I would not recommend the free services as they are reported to be unreliable.
How well does your IPTV box cope with Internet data – one of the best boxes is the MAG250 or the later version MAG254
Is your network congested due to too many people using TV Streaming!
Once you have determined that your Internet connection is not as good as it used to be then contact your ISP.
If you want any more advice or help drop me a line
roger43 at gmail dot com. I am in the La Vinuela area
Because iptv is relatively new and Internet generally here in Spain is not that fast and Internet connections can be intermittent and too many users on a particular server, there will always be some buffering.  There are alternatives.
If you want to know more send an email to
Kind regards
In response to your question about IPTV and buffering I must say that I bought it
when it first came out albeit I was then living in Estepona and still deal with the same CO but have always been very happy with the service
Yes one or two hiccups in the last nearly 3 years but I just ring  my server and it is immediately rectified  Also they have just changed server and I now receive an extra 100 channels, including Eurosport
 So am very happy
Regards Ruth G