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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Looking for a VTAR Plate

I recently applied to have our house registered as a “vivienda de turismo”,
apparently this would be necessary for renting it (in case of accident etc).
So, an inspector from the Consejeria de Turismo de la Junta de Anlucia came to visit the house and verified  that everything is ok, mainly from a security point of view.
At the end, this inspector told me that we must put on the external wall of the house a metallic plate where it is written “VTAR” (for vivienda turistica).
Apparently this is an official plate that I should be able to find in some ferreteria but the inspector could not tell me which one.
I asked for it in both ferreterias in Competa, no success.
Then, I asked to the Ajuntamiento: they have no idea where to find this plate!
 In short, this seems a great mystery.
I am turning to the Digame community, hoping that  there will be somebody who had to buy such a plate and could thus tell me where to go.
Any address in the Axarquia would be fantastic.
Please answer to “martlabbe at gmail dot com”.
I will then send a summary of the answers (hoping there will be any) to
Digame since it might be useful to others.

Martine (martlabbe at gmail dot com)