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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Responses - Anticoagulant Clinic in the Competa area.

Unlike the UK, there does not seem to be actual Anticoagulant Clinics in the Region at all and INR monitoring is done at GP's surgeries either instantly if they have an INR Blood Meter or by sending the blood sample away and giving you the result a couple of days later.
You can register for 3 months at a Spanish GP clinic using an EHIC card and they will do the INR tests.
If Lynda is being monitored from the UK, she can then phone or email the result back to her UK anticoagulant Clinic who will advise on any adjustments necessary.
If Lynda is on long term Warfarin treatment and spends long periods away from the UK, it may be worth her asking her GP if she can change to one of the newer anticoagulant treatments such as Xarelta which do not need as much monitoring and seem to have less side effects.
These alternatives have recently been approved for NHS use by NICE so GP's can prescribe them.
My husband has been on warfarin for a long time and now in Spain we can get his
His checks done in the chemist in torre they are brilliant and no need to
go to see a nurse in a clinic.
They even know wether to up and take down his dose.
I can only surmise that most chemists will do this for you.
If you need any further info. Co txt janet.shearing28 @
 This might be useful info, although it was in a different part of Spain
My husband used to have regular blood tests for his warfarin dosage and only had to go to the local doctor / health centre to have the blood test.
I believe they sent this to the hospital and the next day sent his dosage  by phone or  letter ,
whichever had been arranged
Could be worth asking at the nearest health centre