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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Responses to the Question - Expo where ?

Just Googled it Jane and came up with Velez Malaga - easy peasy. 
I know it's annoying when people don't give you all the details, but sometimes just a bit of common sense on behalf of readers would save you having to add an unnecessary post.
Is it just me or do others get fed up with reading 'Where is it' etc questions? (Moaners)
Wanting you to go look and provide extra information to them!
They have phones, they can research the info on line, phone for info or get in the car/bus n go have a coffee in the area they know a function will be in and ask...
Car/bus ride is an outing for the day, time away from the 'busy life' they are living
This is a beautiful part of Spain get out, enjoy the view, just spend a day exploring it.
Are these people unaware that you are not a multi million company with dozens of secretaries.
Just you kindly running a service for us Digamites, taking up time and energy in your life. 
To help anyone interested, definitely not expecting anyone to want more of you!
Just passing on, in one place, information that you think will interest us, for which I thank you very much.
What is done with the information is to the person reading it and their prerogative to go further as to if interesting to them, not to be taken for granted that you are there to spoon feed.

Editor responds - Whoa there folks! I often get irritated too..... but it's not the fault of those asking (they may not have much idea of how to find out....) It's the fault of the people who submit the information ( and the Editor who fails to notice the omission ).
So - another, gentle nudge from your Editor -
Please supply Contact Details (I often cannot extract your email address - repeat it in the text )
My current Bete Noir are those people who submit their information in BLOCK CAPITALS.
These I have to retype in lower case with capitals where grammar requires.