Digame is a community notice board / newsletter for English speaking residents of the Axarquia region of Andalucia, Spain. If you know of something happening anywhere in the Axarquia, please let us know, send an email to digametorrox at . Find out what's on and let Digame know if you have an event.
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There is a map here showing locations of bars restaurants etc.

Advertising with Digame

Do you know what’s happening in the Axarquia?
This site’s objective is to let people know what’s going on in or around the Axarquia before it happens. If you live in anywhere in the Axarquia region, you’ll know that it can sometimes seem as though you only know what’s going on after the event.

If you know of an event coming up email digametorrox at hotmail dot co dot uk.

Don’t assume everyone MUST know about an event, just because it’s on every year on the same date, there are still newcomers who won’t know and a reminder is always useful. Many people on the Costa get very little information about the Pueblo, and vice versa. It’s better that Digame hears of an event from lots of people than not hear at all.

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How to place an article on Digame!

Send an email to digametorrox at hotmail dot co dot uk.

The subject line of the email should be what you’d like to see as your heading – don't use  all block CAPITALS, this doesn't mean no capitals at all JUST DON'T SEND THINGS LIKE THIS. If you don’t put a heading, i.e. you put something like “please publish this” then I will make up a heading and you might not like my choice! Try to be inventive – “For Sale” is so boring and will be changed.

The text of the email should be what you’d like to see published – but note:

  • Prices must be included with items for sale - if your first attempt to sell fails note that a second attempt will not be allowed unless the original price is REDUCED CONSIDERABLY.  Photos will only be published once.
  • Please do not send ads for property / real estate unless you are looking for somewhere to rent.
  • All formatting, pretty colours, bold, Underline, strange fonts etc will be removed.
  • Don’t use all Block CAPITALS LIKE THIS or I’ll send it back for you to put into normal case (which is the way people normally write with capitals where appropriate).
  • You must include contact details, either an email address or a telephone number in the text, if you don’t then I will include the originating email address as it is.
  • The decision about what to publish is mine, if I don’t want to publish then I won’t.
  • Don’t send me your political opinions and I won’t send you mine.
  • Please don't send the same item for sale over and over again unless you have reduced the price considerably.
  • Please don't send adverts for third parties who haven't subscribed to Digame
About Photos and other attachments
  • If you want to send a picture please send it as an attachement to your email, in JPG or JPEG format and try and keep the size down to around 200KB. See this page for details of how to reduce the size of photos.
  • Please don't send PDFs or Word documents.
If the email comes from an address that isn’t on my list of subscribers, then I won’t publish it!

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Business adverts

Digame is a newsletter that lets people know what is happening in and around Torrox. It also runs “wanted” and private “for sale” ads of second hand goods. Anything else is considered to be a Business advert i.e. the person placing the advert is hoping to make some money.

About email addresses

Just in case anyone doesn’t understand – email addresses in the adverts are written as someone at example dot com you are supposed to convert this to
so replace “at” by @ and “dot” by a full stop then the email address will work.

The reason for doing this is to avoid email addresses being picked up by robots and used to send spam.

Hope you find this useful and apologies to anyone who is thinking that this is stating the obvious (apparently it isn’t).